Ghada Wali seeks potential support for interdependence and dignity with UNDP representative

Farida Ismail
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Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly sought possible support on Monday for “interdependence and dignity” programmes with Richard Dictus, United Nations (UN) and UN Development Programme resident coordinator in Egypt.

A statement from the ministry on Monday said that the meeting tackled ways of collaboration and the UNDP’s desire to support the ministry in its monetary support, interdependence and dignity, all other social protection programmes, and healthcare efforts for people with disabilities.

Waly in the statement confirmed the importance of the combined UNDP programme, the Egyptian government’s plans, and the ministry’s strategic work and plans.

The interdependence programme offers monetary support for families that suffer from severe poverty and that need monetary and service support, under the condition of having children under age 18.

The monetary support is worth EGP325 monthly, in addition to 60 pounds for primary-school children, 80 pounds for middle-school children, and 100 pounds for secondary-school ones. This amount is to be received cumulatively and quarterly by the mother, under the condition of the children’s enrolment in school and healthcare.

Moreover, the dignity programme offers monthly monetary support worth EGP350 for the elderly, those over 65 years, those who suffer from total disability or handicap, those who are unable to work, and those who do not have a fixed income.

The government plans on increasing the number of families benefiting from the monetary support to reach 1.5m by next year, including 1.05m to benefit from the interdependence programme and 450,000 from the dignity programme.

The government earmarked around 4.1bn in this year’s budget to fund the two programmes.

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