Ministry provided EGP 50m from Emirati grant to reconstruct Museum of Islamic Art: Nasr

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Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr said that the ministry had provided EGP 50m from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government grant for the reconstruction of the Museum of Islamic Art, after the terrorist bombing that targeted the Cairo Security Directorate in 2014 also hit the museum.

Nasr said in press statements on Wednesday, on the sidelines of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s inauguration of the museum after its restoration: “The agreement stipulates that the Coordination Office of the UAE-Funded Development Projects will provide the grant for reconstructing, supplying, and preparing the museum for operation again. Additionally, it aims to modernise and develop all its systems. The agreement rises from the desire of both countries to strengthen their relations and promote cooperation in order to preserve and maintain the Islamic heritage, because it represents great humanitarian and cultural value.”

Nasr pointed out that the latest methods of development are used in the Museum of Islamic Art—which is one of the largest Islamic museums in the world—to ensure the preservation of rare pieces affected by the attack. Experts in the field are using the latest methods, tools, and techniques that are commensurate with the importance of antiquities. The project included construction and technical works, restoration technology for display podiums, glass, wood, and metal windows, and a collection of rare pieces. There is also a plan for the building’s facade which included the restoration and rehabilitation of the front of the museum.

Nasr explained that the president’s opening of the Museum of Islamic Art after renovation sends a message to the world that Egypt is moving forward in development and construction, and that art and beauty are the remaining values, and terrorism is coming to an end. She called all efforts to unite and stand against terrorism, which is trying “to eliminate our heritage and bring chaos into the region, but it will never succeed”.

Nasr praised Egyptian-Emirati ties and cooperation in the field of development, which was beneficial to citizens in the poorest regions who required healthcare, education, transportation, lighting, and sanitation services. This contributed to the improvement of services provided in various governorates.

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