Court adjourns Morsi trial in Itihadiya Palace case to 22 October

Toqa Ezzidin
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The trial of former president Mohamed Morsi and 14 others was adjourned to 22 October by an appeal court on Saturday in the case of killing protesters during the 2012 clashes outside Itihadiya Palace.

Morsi and eight other defendants being tried in the case appealed the previous court verdict that sentenced them to 20 years in prison for killing 10 protesters during clashes between supporters of Morsi and his opponents.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and Freedom and Justice party chairperson Saad El-Katatni, who are featured in the case, were accused of inciting violence against the protestors on 5 December 2012.


In April 2015, the court found Morsi and the other defendants in the case guilty. Six of them were tried in absentia.

Morsi is currently being tried in several other cases. Morsi was also found guilty in June 2015 in the 2011 jailbreak case, for which he received the death penalty.

Morsi came to power in 2012 and was Egypt’s first democratically elected president. However, on 30 June 2013, protestors took to the streets demanding his ouster. The Egyptian Armed Forces ousted Morsi on 3 July 2013 in what Morsi’s supporters described as a military coup.

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