GB Auto acquires 96% of Chinese-made car sales

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Ghabbour Auto was able to acquire 96% of the Chinese car market in Egypt. Its two main brands, Chery and Geely, recorded sales of 5,777 units over the first seven months of 2016. The entire Chinese car market in Egypt achieved sales of 6,013 units over that same period, though the competition was limited between Geely and Chery.

Geely Emgrand 7 maintained its lead in the market and registered sales of 2,167 cars worth EGP 224m over seven months. Chery’s Tiggo followed with sales of 1,987 units, net valued at EGP 310m.

Chery Envy occupied the third position, selling 1,616 cars in the first seven months of 2016 worth EGP 163m, followed by Brilliance V5 which saw sales of 224 cars worth EGP 35m. Geely Pandino came in fifth, registering sales of four cars totalling EGP 339,000.

Geely Emgrand 7’s return to the top of the league table occurred as recent as June when it seized the throne of the bestselling Chinese cars in the Egyptian market from Chery Tiggo. In the first six months of 2016, the former sold 1,790 units worth EGP 185m, while the latter made EGP 278m from selling 1,781 cars.

Chery Envy occupied the third position, selling 1,297 cars worth EGP 130m in the first six months of 2016. Brilliance V5 sold 124 cars worth EGP 19m and Geely Pandino registered sales of four cars with sales of EGP 339,000.


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