Court session for removal of Press Syndicate barricades set for 18 October

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Press Syndicate by nada amr

The first court session to review a lawsuit filed by lawyer Ali Ayoub to remove the barricades in the vicinity of the Press Syndicate and its surrounding areas has been set for 18 October by an administrative court.

Besides the removal of these barricades, the lawyer also demanded that the Interior Ministry’s security personnel be prevented from harassing or stopping journalists and guests to the syndicate, as well as demanding to view their identity cards.

Sparked by the maritime demarcation deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, protests were held in front of the Press Syndicate on 15 and 25 April, after which journalists were often prevented from entering the headquarters.

In the midst of the 25 April demonstrations, several journalists were prevented from entering the building, including journalist Mohamed Abdel Kodous.

The journalist said on his Twitter account that he was prevented from entering the syndicate building and this was the first case of its kind since its foundation 75 years ago.

Further, during the General Assembly organised by journalists following the storming of the syndicate building on 1 May, a number of journalists were not allowed to enter the building or the vicinity of the syndicate.

The barricades were put in place by security forces directly after several demonstrations took place around the building, including thanaweya amma secondary school students protesting against the exams leaks.

The syndicate building has always been a place where citizens, activists, intellectuals, and lawyers gathered to arrange rallies against various controversial issues.

Other well-known demonstrations include the families of Al-Aqrab prisoners rallying against the deteriorated health and poor treatment of their sons inside the prison, as well as rallies by families whose relatives were subject to enforced disappearances. There have been several other rallies by activists in solidarity with the plight of the Palestinians.

Moreover, journalists and activists lit candles at the Press Syndicate to mourn the victims of the EgyptAir MS804 flight that crashed over the Mediterranean Sea on 25 May.

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