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Maj Gen Mohamed Aly El-Sheikh to be sworn in as new supply minister - Daily News Egypt

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Maj Gen Mohamed Aly El-Sheikh to be sworn in as new supply minister

Seven new governors will also be sworn in before the president on Wednesday, including those for Cairo, Alexandria, and Beni Suef governorates

Former head of the Egyptian Armed Forces’ General Services Authority Maj Gen Mohamed Aly El-Sheikh will be sworn in as the minister of supply on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said during a press conference at the cabinet.

The cabinet received a notification from the president nominating El-Sheikh as the new minister. The parliament approved this nomination.

The cabinet had accepted the resignation of former minister Khaled Hanafy in late August, following the wheat supply scandal that made national news.

Ismail added that change is also coming to seven governorates, and the new governors will be sworn in on Wednesday.

This move will see the governors for Alexandria, Beni Suef, and others replaced.  Cairo Governor Galal El-Saeed, who is the minister of transport, will also be replaced.

According to sources, this series of replacements was pending the president’s return from his trip to India and China to attend the G20 summit.


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15 responses to “Maj Gen Mohamed Aly El-Sheikh to be sworn in as new supply minister

  1. Just the guy Egypt needs, yet another Army general with TON’s of experience in trade, food, manufacturing, and agriculture. It looks like Egypt, with 90 million people, has no qualified economists or business figures; or perhaps it’s better to keep all the state corruption within a small network of army generals!

    1. Actually the guy has TONS of experience – he has a long record of ‎experience in the sector of commodity supplies and ‎public services, and was head of the ‎Egyptian army’s Supply Authority.
      It is a shame that this publication neglected to mention his qualifications.

      1. Got it, but why an Army general? it gives the impression to Egyptian youth and the world that no hope for qualified civilians in Egypt !!

        1. Because economists don’t have practical experience to run massive logistical operations, businessmen tend to be corrupt, and neither of them can get things done with an overly bloated lazy and incompetent civil service. Only the military can get things done as they aren’t shackled by endless committees, absent employees and useless subordinates. Definitely not the desired solution but until the president can fire 4 mil useless government employees and restructure to and efficient civilian government, this is the only solution every time.

          1. Jamela and tamz, you both advocate that the military is the only viable solution for Egypt, this sounds like the Chinese model of single party rule. If the answers to all Egypt problems are to ignore the youth (because they’re poorly led), ignore the business class (because they’re corrupt), and ignore economists (because they are theoretical) what hope does Egypt have to recover and resolve the 40% youth unemployment; they all join the army?

            It is true the military is the only functioning sector of the Egyptian economy TODAY, and it’s by design, because they choke the private sector, protect the failing public sector, and divert all critical projects and funding to the military; it’s a vicious circle aiming for one-party-rule … this is not the remedy for 50% poverty, 40% youth unemployment, 40% illiteracy, and 20% inflation!

          2. It is not a matter of ignoring the youth, it is a matter of helping them mature past street protests.
            Nor is it a matter of ignoring the business class, but rather evening the playing field.
            Nor can you say economists are being ignored, this country is in the midst of huge economic reforms that should have been done decades ago. Nobody is denying there are problems.
            This idea of the military controlling the economy is just outrageous. The Army Corp of Engineers in the US also does major national projects, are they controlling the US economy? Because the military oversees a project does not mean that they have not subcontracted out parts of a project to private firms. Those firms are hiring Egyptians.
            Destroying something is easy, building something requires hard work and hard choices and it is not going to happen over night.
            The bottom line is can you give me some names of qualified people outside the military?
            ElBaradei? The man who quit and left the country?
            Hany el-Messiry? Ask the people of Alexandria how successful he was?
            Mohamed Morsi and the gang of the Brotherhood with the sole concern of consolidating power? Tell me one thing Morsi did that solved any of the problems you stated?
            This country does not have the luxury of time, we were teetering on the brink of collapse, cosmetic “people” with no ability to lead are not going to solve the problem.
            Can I ask what are you doing to solve any of the problems? Do you volunteer to tutor students? Are you in business and hiring people? We have enough arm chair quarterbacks, we need doers. If you do not live in Egypt, then you have no skin in the game, nor do you know the people of Egypt.

          3. The USACE deals only with water/environmental issues, which the government should be responsible for, not the seas of sewer in Alexandria and other areas of Egypt. The USACE do not own or run cattle farms, food farms, real estate developments, house-ware factories, tourist villages. US generals do not end up governors of states, own massive companies on the side, end up with millions of dollars in Swiss accounts … saying the Army doesn’t control the Egyptian economy is rather economical with the truth.

            ElBaradei left because of the kangaroo system called ‘Egyptian justice’. As for other names, here is a couple of world renounced economists who can fix Egypt in 2 years if they are given the helm: Dr. El-Erian, Saher Nasr, and not managed by an incompetent PM and P!

          4. For the record El Erian is in fact an adviser to Egypt on economics..so try again.
            Speaking of being economical with the truth, you evidently have missed all the politicians, including US Presidents who had a military career. Try again.
            Those cattle farms, food farms you mentioned happen to feed a whole lot of people in Egypt at reasonable prices. Perhaps you would prefer to see the country starve to death?
            You also neglect this important fact, what ever funds the military raises from projects means it does not compete or take funds from the civilian sector. You also forget that after the 2011 revolution, it was the military that deposited funds directly into the foreign reserve account.
            Interesting you have elected not to respond to the question..what are YOU doing to move the country forward.
            Nor do you evidently live in the country, so you are quite comfortable being an arm chair quarterback..for the rest of us who live and work in this country, and want to see it succeed ..we support the military..like it or not, the military saved this country in many ways.
            If you have a better way forward and are in fact Egyptian, please enter into the political arena and make your ideas work.

          5. I did not avoid the question of ‘what would YOU do’ your comment was truncated by the system and that last part wasn’t visible. Any way, watch out for my 10-point plan shortly.

          6. Weak response…this is not a waiting for Godot moment, the moment is here and now. Given this response it is evident you don’t have anything viable to offer. I said it before Egypt doesn’t need arm chair quarterbacks it needs a leader, and we have one in Sisi.

          7. For someone as smart as you come across, I do not think you really believe Sisi is a ‘leader’, with 90 million people in Egypt and a few million expats; if he’s the best Egypt has, well … bankruptcy is imminent!!

        2. Let’s be honest, the only functioning and viable branch of the government to survive in tact was the military since the revolution of 2011. For decades the military is the one place leadership skills have been cultivated. Whether that is by design or default, it doesn’t matter, it is what it is. For civilian institutions to be brought up to speed is going to take more that a few years. I get tired of hearing people harping on the idea that Egypt is a military state – let’s be clear if it hadn’t been for the military Egypt would have made Syria, Libya and Iraq look like a walk in the park.
          Here’s the problem with the youth – they don’t know how to take something from the street to practical application. Just because you have an educated young person, doesn’t mean they have the experience and skills to solve problems. This is worldwide, not exclusive to Egypt.
          A prime example was in 2011 when Mubarak was ousted, the youth continued to stay in the squares for months instead of organizing political candidates to run for office. And those committees that the youth were on, if things weren’t going their way they left the committee.
          Egypt recently had a problem with availability and price gouging. Do you know who solved it? The military.

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