Islam Khalil remains in detention despite release order in two cases

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Lawyer Nour Khalil told Daily News Egypt that his brother Islam Khalil, who has remained in detention for more than 442 days, continues to be held in prison despite receiving a release order in all cases.

The lawyer continued that he will file an official report against the delay of his brother’s release.

The detainee received the first release order in the original case on 21 August by the East Alexandria Court on EGP 50,000 bail. However, it was temporarily blocked due to Khalil’s involvement in a new case where he was accused of assaulting a number of police officers in Al-Raml second district police station.

Two days following the release order and payment of bail, Khalil was transferred from Borg Al-Arab prison, where he was being detained, to Alexandria Security Directorate to Al-Raml second district police station, where the events of the new case allegedly occurred.

Regarding the new case, Nour explained that a dispute took place between Khalil and a police officer in which Khalil received a number of bruises on different parts of his body. He added that the police officer threatened to stop the release order, telling Khalil he would accuse him in other cases.

Khalil filed a report against the police officer accusing him of verbally and physically assaulting him, to which the police officer responded by filing his own report stating that Khalil assaulted him along with other police officers, the brother said.

Nour continued that in both reports the prosecution investigation granted Khalil release, but his brother has still not returned home. He added that when asked about the reasons for delaying the release, police station officials said that they are still waiting for national security confirmation on the order.

The prosecution ordered Khalil be sent to a hospital for medical tests to check the validity of the bruises on his body. The medical test proved their authenticity and stated that Khalil needed 21 days medical treatment.

Khalil, 27, was arrested on 24 May 2015 at around 3am from his home on accusations of belonging to an outlawed group and inciting violence that targeted state stability and security.

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