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Video circulated of police officer assaulting student causes uproar

Footage of assault was captured during thanaweyya amma students' protest, says videographer

A video showing a police officer assaulting a thanaweyya amma secondary school student was circulated on social media. The video was captured during a student protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education on Monday, according to videographer Adel Eissa, who posted the video on his Facebook page.

The video shows a police officer scolding a student and asking him to turn his face to the wall. The student refused to obey the order, so the officer assaulted and insulted him.

Daily News Egypt cannot verify the authenticity of the circulated video as the Interior Ministry did not respond to several requests to comment on the incident.

On Monday afternoon, dozens of thanaweyya amma students staged a protest near the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, condemning recent exam leaks and the subsequent decisions issued by the ministry to confront the leaks. These decisions included the suspension and rescheduling of some exams, causing massive outrage among students.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education El-Helal El-Sherbiny issued on Monday a decision to sack the general manager of the ministry’s exams administration, and replace him with a temporary chargé d’affairs, according to an official statement issued by the ministry’s media office.

Since the beginning of the exam season in early June, all exam papers have been leaked on social media, either prior to or during the exam time, despite the Education Ministry’s denial of some leaks.

Over the past weeks, a major protest at the ministry’s headquarters in downtown Cairo was dispersed by security forces, and dozens of students were briefly detained over the protest.

Over 20 people have been arrested on charges of leaking exam papers on the internet since the start of the exams earlier this month. The arrests came as part of a crackdown on exam fraud.

The thanaweya amma exam leaks have put the Ministry of Education under increasing pressure, raising more and more questions about Egypt’s education system, which many are calling to change.

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  • Minymina

    So let me get this straight. The officer asks the student to face the wall while he conducts a search to clarify he isn’t a trouble maker. The students refuses and when the police officer responds he is in the wrong?

    F**k Daily News Egypt. This website is one of the most bies on the internet. Constantly posting anything that smears the country, government or police. Posting lies, cartoons, conspiracies and misleading headlines.

    Yet you continue to moan about the press being oppressed and how there isn’t any freedom. If you were in any other country you would be held liable for defamation. Other countries have Libel laws and you would be sued for this $h!t.

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