Egyptian wins award for best Continuity and Resilience project in Middle East

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A young Egyptian, Ahmed Riad, won the best Continuity and Resilience project award for the Middle East granted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) for his project Estmrarya Academy.

The project is a web portal for providing specialised content in the area of business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery.

Estmrarya is the first portal for its purpose in Arabic in the world. It aims to provide scientific educational content for contributing to increasing awareness within the Arab world on how to deal with crises, disasters, and emergencies and maintaining vital services for free.

This award qualifies Estmrarya Academy to compete for the world’s best Continuity and Resilience award. The final results will be announced by BCI in London by mid-November.

BCI includes 9,000 members from across the world, and is based in London. The results for the Middle East categories were announced in a ceremony held in Abu Dhabi, on the sidelines of the Fleming 6th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum, which was attended by representatives of major companies and banks.

Ahmed Riad said he hopes his project can serve Egypt and the Arab world through facilitating crises management planning.

The portal includes a number of the world’s first Arabic infographic about dealing with natural crises and emergencies. It also provides an integrated methodology for planning and implementing business continuity models within companies and institutions.

Moreover, the portal offers a package of free online consulting to illustrate implementing business continuity management plans, as well as online semi-monthly trainings.

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