Prominent Egyptian cartoonist arrested in Cairo

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Caricature by Islam Guawish (Public domain)

Egyptian authorities reportedly arrested prominent political cartoonist Islam Guawish on Sunday.

“[We] announce the suspension of all artistic works [on this page] due to the arrest of cartoonist Islam Guawish,” a statement read on the cartoonist’s official Facebook page.

The statement said Guawish was detained for publishing drawings criticising President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s regime.

The Ministry of Interior’s media center, Guawish was found to be running an unlicensed website. The ministry statement noted that he was arrested in possession of a wireless router and a CPU.

The artist, known for his controversial drawings, has previously tackled issues such as sexual harassment, educational problems, and transportation issues.

Guawish’s arrest comes days after the detention of two Egyptian media figures for mockingly handing policemen condom balloons on 25 January 2016. This arrest follows other arrests, amid a crackdown by the state on freedom of the press.

If charged and convicted, the Guawish could face jail time.

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