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Debates on GERD intensify between Egypt, Ethiopia

The second round of talks were held, with both countries in disagreement over the concept of water storage

The second round of the tripartite meetings on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) witnessed the emergence of conflicts of interests.

The meetings are currently being held in Khartoum between the Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Sudanese ministers of foreign affairs and water.

The main point of debate was Ethiopia’s plans to store water inside the dam during the next five years, which it claims will not affect other countries. However, Egypt has been pushing for delays of this move until the technical studies on the dam’s effects on downstream countries are completed.

The current round of talks follows up on talks that began earlier in December, but failed to reach a common agreement.

On Saturday, Ethiopia announced it began the diversion of the Blue Nile, which was perceived by some experts as a sign that it will complete the construction of the dam regardless of the current meetings.

However Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources Hossam Al-Moghazy denied its link to GERD’s technical details, and said it was a “normal step”.

“Egypt is trying to build on the steps previously taken and preserve the declaration of principles between the three countries,” Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said during the meeting.

In March, they signed a declaration of principles on the dam wherein they agreed to safeguard the interests of all three countries.

“The Egyptian-Sudanese relationship has special ties of brotherhood and common destiny, and we are now reviving our relations with Ethiopia, with which we share a long history of common heritage and Nile,” he said.

Shoukry highlighted the importance of forming relations that ensure stability and reassurance for the countries.

In a similar context, Shoukry quoted President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s verbal message to Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir on Sunday: “The declaration of principles is the main asset for building trust and achieving common wins for the three countries.”

An official statement by the ministry further announced forming a joint committee between Egypt and Sudan to discuss potential cooperation between both countries in various fields.

“We are here to emphasise the importance of the issue of water, which is a common issue of national security for all countries,” Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Ghandour said at the meeting.

“The resumption of talks after only two weeks signifies commitment to fostering partnerships between all parties,” Ethiopian President Tedros Adhanom said. “We are keen to reach a common agreement; if there is a will to work there will be a way and no room for disputes.”

Local experts and former officials have commonly agreed the pace of talks is going much slower than the GERD construction process. Ethiopia has already built 50% of the dam, according to Al-Moghazy.

An expert on Sudan and the Nile Basin at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies Hani Raslan previously told Daily News Egypt that he expects that the current meeting will not end in a resolution of the issues it addresses.

While Raslan finds the likelihood that the Egyptian state will turn to an alternative measure doubtful, he thinks resorting to the Peace and Security African committee might be a more effective strategy and that an independent study is not beneficial for Egypt as the country needs a “real solution”.


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  • Alula Shocking Egypt

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    • Dave

      Relax, Princess….God gave Ethiopia the water and their citizens are financing the GERD…all is going well, takes time to build a dam…in my travels, most families want the same thing…a home, food, health, family…it is the leaders that mess up lives…use your great energy and verbal talents to help feed the potential millions w/o enough water and food from the climates change…if I was a starving man, global politics would not matter…God might be shaped like a loaf of barley bread at the moment.

      • Alula Shocking Egypt

        Hi Dave, all Ethiopians are victims of these pests. In 1963 they gathered about 100 Muslims from the then Northern Ethiopian province today’s Eritrea, they formed Jebha, an Islamic rebel in Cairo, they trained them military and gave them radio station, funded them fully with Saudi Arabia together. They are the one who created the Eritrean rebellion which kept us in war for 30 years. Because the war they created and sponsored, millions of Ethiopian died in the civil war. We were held hostage for 30 years from development in an endless war they perpetuated. I left my family and my home because the war they created, funded for 30 years. I am a victim of Egypt myself. They have been funding all kind of rebels all along. We could not live in peace because of these pests . Ethiopians are very peaceful people. But these human pests are really pests. Now they tell us we have to ask permission from them to use our water? what a joke? The alien invaders now claim they own our water? they do not even belong to our continent? They must know, it is time to liberate the Africans Nubians, … who are living under slavery in their own land. it is time for Ethiopia to mobilize the entire Africa and liberate the Nubians ad other Africans who are living as second citizen in Egypt forced to be Muslims, their history erased, their language, custom, … destroyed and replaced by Arabic language, culture, religion. The Nubian kingdom was a Christian kingdom destroyed by their religion of non-coexistence. The world deafen us about Palestinian, but the world, the UN, … they never talk about the 1300 years slavery of Africans in Egypt. Now is the time for all Africans to drive out the alien invaders from our continent. We can not live in peace with these selfish human pest creatures. They must go back to where they came from. Africa is for Africans. The issue of Africans in Egypt must be a continental agenda now. They must be liberated. The only people who are still under slavery are Africans in Egypt while all people on the earth are free. Egypt is the only country that practice slavery in the 21 century. Ethiopia has played a greet role liberating Kenyan, Somaiian, South African, Namibian, Zambian, Tanzanian, Zimbabwean, Mozambique, … it is time to liberate Africans in Egypt. They must get their history, land, culture, language, religion, … back from the alien invader. These arrogant and rustic behavior does not belong to Africa.

  • Ben

    Dose “Egypt as the country needs a “real solution” ?
    So, start using your “real” resources. Desalinate the sea. Dig wells, modernize the irrigation system and stop using water wasting crops.

  • Mike

    Dear brothers and sisters Egypt

    I think  all countries  share Nile(Abay) Fair and equitable of our gift of God. What we need mutual  understanding .
    No need of  conflict.  In the 21st century. Open  mind people  they believe  on discussion.
    Egypt  still  mention  colonial  treaty.This is the strategy  England  (UK) divide Africa.  It works for  century. We have avoided this idiot  idea, let us grow  together seek of all nations.The Nile (Abay ) is plenty  for all if you choose  peace. The Egyptian  government  know Ethiopia  is not harm Eygypt. Let
    swim together  not sink.Ethiopia 
    Egypt  to utilize  Nile(Abay )together.
    If Egypt  use different  tactics  to  disstabilize Ethiopia. Have us put clear  understanding  for future  generations.
    Stop using  colonial treaty. This is kind  of agreement makes the world problems and chaos.
    God bless  the two nations.
    Long live Ethiopia

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    • Ethiopia man

      Mike I think you are missing the point. It’s ethiopian God given resources we sat for centuries with out using it. Now it’s time for us to use it so we can free ourself from hunger. If egypt choose war. All we need is to ask our wise mother, sisters. Trust me they are the one who help defeat the Italian.and I’m sure they have plenty ideas to defeat this scam bags Arab in days. Our father kept our nation with Their blood and will continue to so. You all corrup ethiopian leaders if you give any right to egypt you will regret it. I promise you that please be wish. They can’t do nothing. Their life is in our hand

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  • Ethiopia man

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  • Alula Shocking Egypt

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