Egypt recognised for its renewable energy efforts in Paris

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The NREA is looking to offer tenders to establish renewable energy generation plants within the next few weeks (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Environment)


During the launch session of Africa’s renewable energy initiative in Paris, Egypt was recognised for its role leading the African countries’ committee for renewable energy, Egypt’s Ministry of Environment said in an official statement Monday.


The launch session was organised by the French Foreign Ministry. The French Environment Minister and his counterparts from Germany, Canada, and Italy attended the session.

According to Egypt’s Environment Ministry, the attending countries announced their potential contributions to begin implementing renewable energy strategies. France announced their decision to contribute €2bn and Germany decided to allocate $3bn for renewable energy and $10bn for its overall sustainable energy strategies.


For the first time, Egypt’s Electricity Ministry issued Thursday permission for Karm Solar private company to sell off-grid electricity from solar energy to an agriculture company.

After two weeks of intense negotiations in Paris, representatives of nearly 200 countries reached a binding agreement Saturday evening that set ambitious goals to limit temperature rises and hold governments accountable for reaching those targets.


Egyptian Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy described the agreement as “balanced”, according to MENA news agency.


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