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New suspect arrested over Brussels attacks

The man was detained following a raid on his house in the…

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Brussels suspects and their links to the Paris attacks

Belgian prosecutors now believe at least five people were involved in the…

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France’s National Front leads first regional elections after Paris attacks

Socialist PM calls for left-wing and centre-right parties to unite in opposition…

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White House tightens Visa Waiver Program in wake of Paris attacks

The White House has announced it will add more screening for travelers…

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The art of French resistance

On murals and makeshift memorials, the French are responding to November’s deadly…

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High security and emotion at Scorpions concert in Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris changed the meaning of going to a…

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EU border controls ‘have to remain an exception’

In the wake of the Paris attacks, some EU leaders have spoken…

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Egypt reviews military-security situation

Meetings involving Al-Sisi, Military Production and Defence ministers

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Paris attacks: A journey begins to prove innocence

By Hala Kindleberger "Now my husband will not be able to join…

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Two Air France flights diverted after ‘security incident’

Two separate Air France flights bound for Paris have been diverted, due…

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