Media gag ordered for case involving judge demanding sexual favours

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However the Judges' Club announced it would boycott the conference, which President Morsi had called for in April. (DNE File Photo)

A media gag was ordered by the General Prosecution on Tuesday in the case of a judge who is charged with demanding sexual bribes from a woman in a lawsuit he was adjudging.

Interim Prosecutor General Ali Omran issued a decree to prohibit publishing news on the case until investigations are completed, with the exception of statements from the Prosecutor General’s office on the case.

R.A., head of the Misdemeanour Cassation Court in Nasr City, denied the accusation Tuesday, and told state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram: “The sexual favour is a systematic Muslim Brotherhood plot, as I previously acquitted TV anchor Ahmed Moussa in four cases.”

However, after the general prosecution filed a case against the judge, he reportedly submitted a resignation from the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) in return for having the case dropped.

The judge refused to provide further details on the case, but told Al-Ahram that he will return from his vacation and resume work on Tuesday.

On Tuesday however, the judge was absent from court and was replaced by a different assigned judge.

TV anchor Moussa is known for his hostility towards the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood group. In June, the Nasr City Appeals Court, presided over by the defendant, had acquitted Moussa of slander charges against several public figures. The Appeals Court accepted his appeal to a previously issued two-year jail sentence.

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