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Morsi verdict sparks further international condemnation

Protests ongoing in Turkey, Germany and UK add to international condemnations list

Ousted president Mohamed Morsi

Hundreds of protesters have continued their demonstrations in several Turkish cities against the death sentence issued against ousted president Mohamed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood members on Saturday.

Protesters in Istanbul started carrying photos of Morsi and the Rabaa sign outside the Egyptian embassy, but then expanded to many other parts of the city.

“The protest was relatively small and well behaved, and since it is an anti-Sisi rally in line with government it is unlikely there would be trouble,” John W, an Istanbul-based photojournalist told Daily News Egypt.

“Protests are common in Turkey and rarely disrupt things unless very big rally and anti-government,” he added. “There are often small pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests around the city but always very low key events.”

Following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood regime in 2013, Turkey has been a strong opponent of the Egyptian regime, continuously referring to it as a “military coup”. Yet, a leftist Turkish politician and head of Al-Watan Party, Yunis Suner, had a different perspective towards the verdict.

He told state-run news agency MENA reporter in Ankara: “Morsi’s case is a totally Egyptian matter, and we do not think we should comment on any of the Egyptian courts decisions otherwise it will be a violation to the Egyptian sovereignty.”

In the US, White House spokesperson Jeff Rakhte said: “We are deeply concerned by yet another mass death sentence handed down by an Egyptian court to more than 100 defendants, including former president Morsi.”

“This practice, which in this instance was directed against, among others, a former elected president, is unjust and undermines confidence in the rule of law,” he said.

The negative reactions also extended to supporters of the current Egyptian regime. The UK and Germany added to the growing list of international condemnations towards the Muslim Brotherhood verdict.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said at a press conference in Berlin on Monday:  “There were “doubts” over the fairness of the trial. The German government opposes the death penalty in principle, under all circumstances.”

A statement issued Sunday by British Minister of State for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood said: “We look to the Egyptian authorities to apply the rule of law consistently in line with international standards and to protect the political and legal rights of all Egyptians as the basis for the country’s future stability.”


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  • twinkle

    To hell with the “international” community who they think they are to tell Egypt what to do/

    This is OUR NATIONAL SECURITY it is OUR COUNTRY AND our RULES MIND your own business. WE are not going to sit quiet while the U.S. puppets and terrorists wage war against us.

    it doesn’t matter what anyone out there things why don’t you clean up your own mess?

    U.S you are the number 1 human rights violator. Guantanamo prison, all the illegal wars you’ve waging against the world and the way you are disturbing world peace.
    Time for the world to put an end to the U.S. bullying. Egypt is doing it right some of these countries out there should learn one or two things from us.
    The U.S. arms industry and the U.S gov are responsible for all the wars. Their history is filled with violence starting with the Native Americans, to what they did in Hiroshima when they used nukes on them and people melted alive and now the war against the arab world. USA you have so much blood on your hands.

    . Turkey is buying oil from ISIS and is treating ISIS militants in their hospitals and Erdogan is oppressing the opposition SO how dare he speak and tell Egypt what to do. He himself is an MB supporter. .

    All these terrorists don’t deserve a trial they should be killed just on the spot or make them commit suicide or die in an accident or whatever. We are sick and tired of them. iF THEY CAN’T TAKE THE PUNISHMENT THEN THEY SHOULDN’T BE DOING THE CRIME IN THE FIRST PLACE.They don’t deserve to be treated the way we treat them now.

    Mursi is a traitor so just get rid of these terrorists. This is a war against Egypt so it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world things.

    Egypt is doing a fantastic job fighting terrorism plus we thwarted the U.S imperial agenda in Egypt.

  • twinkle

    THE U.S. Is angry because Egyptians overthrew the U.S. puppet called the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

    It’s time for Europe to wake up as well and stop giving in to the U.S. demands.

    The U.S. created al Qaeda in the same way they created ISIS. The U K created the MB and now they are the puppet of the U.S.A

    You have an ugly “friend” there Europe. Germany could gain a lot by starting a good, respectful, honest and open relationship with Egypt instead of this strange relationship where we don’t know exactly what Germany is doing.

    The German’s Ambassador in Egypt’s made two opposing statements. Doesn’t he live here? doesn’t he see what the MB are doing or is he intentionally turning a blind eye??

    So what exactly is going on here Germany? Me as an average Egyptian citizen don’t know what is going on.


  • Intellectualist

    The appropriate response is “Thank you for your comments and interest in our country. We will carefully evaluate them and implement the changes we see fit.” “Your opinions are important to us.” Is another good dismissal. Always politely bank criticism. It gains interest until one day you need license to verbally lambast the critic. It also makes domestic constituencies that agree with it feel validated and robs them of the need to express it themselves.

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