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6 April calls for protests against Mubarak verdict

New wave of protests under the name “Now is the time to go to the square”

Egyptian activists shout slogans during a protest outside the lawyers' syndicate in downtown Cairo, after it was hit by a strong sandstorm, on April 6, 2008.  (AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI)
Egyptian activists shout slogans during a protest outside the lawyers’ syndicate in downtown Cairo, after it was hit by a strong sandstorm, on April 6, 2008.

The 6 April Youth Movement Democratic Front said it is now time to “return to Tahrir Square”, promising a new wave of protests to start on Friday, 5 December.

The front said it “congratulates former president Mubarak on corruption, disease, elections fraud, high levels of illiteracy, poverty and humiliation, murdering of youth, and the torture he committed during his reign of power,” in a Tuesday statement.

6 April is a secular liberal opposition movement formed under the Mubarak regime that took a leading role in the 25 January Revolution.

The group joined a number of revolutionary movements and parties, including the Revolutionary Socialists movement, the Misr Al-Qawia party, Egypt’s Student Coalition, and the Revolutionary Front, to condemn the Cairo Criminal Court’s dismissal of charges against former president Hosni Mubarak for killing protesters, and his acquittal on other charges, along with his sons.

The protests are set to take place from 5 December to 13 February of 2015.

Following Mubarak’s verdict, the group called on Egyptians who believe in the revolution to take to Tahrir Square to protest the court’s decision.

“We must forget our political affiliations and adhere to common objectives, which are bread, freedom and social justice,” the group said in a statement.

On Monday, the Democratic Current for Civil Forces announced that it will form a new campaign demanding the retrial of former president Mubarak.

In a press conference, one of the leaders of the current and former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahy said that they are not willing to join forces with the Muslim Brotherhood in revolutionary mobilisation.

Sabahy accused the Brotherhood of “standing against the will of the Egyptian people and supporting terrorism”.

The Muslim Brotherhood also urged its followers to engage in protests, calling for a “million man march” to take place on Tuesday under the banner “God is Great… One Hand”.

The Brotherhood called on its supporters to mobilise in Tahrir Square and other locations that are “symbols of the revolution, to demand the right of the martyrs, to continue pressuring until the demands of the 25 January Revolution are met”.

At the time of printing, large protests had failed to materialise.

Protests broke out on Saturday evening in Abdel Moneim Riyadh Square following the announcement of the verdict. The protests were dispersed, leading to the killing of at least two protesters, and the arrest of many others.

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