35 US companies met with Dar Al-Handasah to discuss Suez Canal Project

Sara Aggour
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dar el handashThe American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt organised a meeting between Dar Al-Hansadah and the executive representatives of 35 American companies to discuss investment opportunities in the Suez Canal Development project.

The American companies were among an American delegation, represented by 68 companies, which visited Egypt earlier this month.

The US companies work in health, energy, electricity infrastructure, tourism, technology, and telecommunication sectors.

Director of operations at Dar Al-Handasah Yehia Zaki stated that the company will make a detailed plan for the development of locations and outlying an investment strategy. Zaki added that the company will also study the investments opportunities in industrial, logistical and infrastructure projects.

Zaki previously told the Daily News Egypt that the Suez Canal project is related to the areas of the Suez Canal, which include the area of the new channel.

“These areas are mainly six ports, East Port Said Port, West Port Said Port, Al-Arish Port, Al-Adabeya Port, Ain Al-Shokhna and the recently added Al-Toor Port,” Zaki said.

“Each one of these six ports has a master plan, whether it’s an old one or a new one and whether the implementation started before or didn’t,” he added.

An alliance between Shair, partners Dar Al-Handasah and its Egypt-based firm won the bid for the Suez Canal development project in August.

The firm needs around eight months to complete the development project’s “master plan”.

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