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Egypt, Ethiopia study possibility for establishing industrial zone: Abdel Nour - Daily News Egypt

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Egypt, Ethiopia study possibility for establishing industrial zone: Abdel Nour

Both countries seeking to increase volume of trade to $5bn, says minister of industry and foreign trade

Minister of Trade and Industry Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour
Minister of Trade and Industry Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour.
(DNE Photo)

A potential Egyptian-Ethiopian industrial zone is being studied, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour said on Sunday. The minster added that the Ethiopian government is welcoming the development.

According to state-run news agency MENA, the minister’s statements came during a press conference held with Egyptian reporters in Ethiopia.

The minister pointed out that the targeted trade volume between both countries is over $5bn, which not a large figure is considering the capabilities of both countries. He added that Ethiopia exports meat and coffee to Egypt, while Egypt has a competitive advantage in the fields of chemical, fertilisers, automotive, and engineering industries.

Between 2004 and 2013, the volume of trade increased by 21%, edging up from $41m to $165m. He added that Egypt’s share of the trade is around 77.5%.

Abdel Nour said that Egypt is prepared to offer any assistance to Ethiopia to develop its small and medium enterprises.

The foreign trade minister said that around 60 projects are owned by solely Egyptians in Ethiopia while 43 are partnerships between Egyptians and Ethiopians.

Officials from 11 Egyptian ministries headed to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to attend the fifth Egyptian-Ethiopian commission meetings earlier this week, including the ministers of investment, electricity, culture and education.

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  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    I hate this news of Egypt. Colonization is kicking in Ethiopia, colonization by Arab is dead alive.

  • Nick

    Egypt should not have anything to do with Ethiopia! They have nothing to bring to Egypt!

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Egypt is parasite of Ethiopian people. Egypt can not exist if Ethiopia decides for Egypt to vanish. But I agree with you, the fact Ethiopia is ruled by Mafias who sell Ethiopia to the Egypt like this. No one has ever controlled our country like this in our history . No Ethiopian leader in its long history has ever sold Ethiopia like this. The regime in Ethiopia is Mafia and crooks of all time.

      • Soso

        Hahahahaha… -Egypt can not exist if Ethiopia decides for Egypt to vanish.!!!! Are you fucking Kidding me!!! Ethiopia is no fucking match for Egypt, Not even Close!! Your People are starving and your military is as strong a kindergarten!! So Please Bitch!!

        • Alula Shocking Egypt

          Why u do not try if our military is kindergarten? You have nothing to boast about man. You only have old Russian hardware which you could not even fix or repair and you have to call and pay Russians to repair for you? I would suggest you better try it than gesticulating empty words. We will march to Cairo and expel you from Egypt and go back to Saudi Araiba. you know you occupied today’s Egypt in the 7th century AD because the Nubians invited you as business guests. But you destroyed them. The gullible copts who handed you today’s Egypt were as gullible as the current regime in Ethiopia who are kissing your evil nose. Leave alone to co own or have right on our water, you have no right be in African continent .You have no respect and manner. you behave like animals. You must know you are not Egypt, you are occupier. The Egypt proper was under Ethiopia since 50 000 years ago. You desert rats you need to go back to Desert land. Do not even we will recognize you as Africans leave alone to share or have right on our water. The water is 100% Ethiopian. Anyway bring your Army because we have war hardened and tested army that is smelling Egyptians. Even Israel 3 million people country defeated you in 6 days together with all your Arab brothers in Islam. We will punish until enternity and you must know we will march upto Cairo if it is real. You never won war in your history. you were colonized by all countries that means everyone was urinating on you and we will do the same as we did. Do not come to Ethiopia. Egypt Ethiopian Egypt. The regime in Ethiopia will not protect you because if you invest in Ethiopia, we will take it away from you. You have to buy if you wanted water. We have no obligation to baby sit you and give our water. The water is our oil field like the oil field in Saudi Arabia. We can not use the pretext of investment propaganda to control their oil and their country. We Ethiopians know 100% our right . We do not need Egypt in any form or shape be it in the name of investment . Go and invest in Somalia your brother’s in Islam? right? We do not need your help or your cooperation or your charity or you education or technology or anything. Egypt means cancer for our country and our people. You did not come to our rescue when our people were dying in millions by starvation? so how come now you fell in love with us and with our country? We are aware what you are trying to do ? What you are doing is exactly what have been said during the underground meetings you had. Do not expect honey from flies. To make the story short, stay in your country with your education , technology, and investment. We do not need anything from you. Let us have and use our treasure which is our water and we do not need Egypt for this. This is in our land, imagine, no need for Egypt to get involved in the first place. It was wrong to even involve you from the beginning. That was a weak link to invite you to talk about the dam. The dam is fait accompli and we need more dam for irrigation. it is not our business to worry about your water needs. you can buy the water as USA does buy the water from Canada and South Africa from Losethu. Because USA feels mascular than Canada, it did not try to get free water. USA, the super water is buying Canadian water for hard cash. Because South Africa, 45 million people and power economy feels powerful , it did not try to get free water from Losethu small country of .5 million people. My argument is now go away from our country and put your investment were you are welcome. This Sentiment is shared by all Ethiopians except the Mafiar rulers who inviting you and kissing your evil agenda. I am being honest, go somewhere you are welcome to invest but not in Ethiopia. Even if you invest now in Ethiopia, you will lose it, after this regime is removed we will chase our mortal enemies in 24 hours. Fucking Egypt

          You had a good chance to use the Entebbe agreement which was still against Ethiopia because Ethiopia does not need any agreement with anyone to use its white oil fields. The Entebbe agreement was in favour of Egypt . Fortunately, Egypt rejected it, this is good for Ethiopia now because Ethiopia must not be obliged to share its resources with a country that is 2212 km away from the source. So now all Ethiopia need to do is build its air force and ground force, chemical well faire and use fire power to protect its treasures from intruders like Egypt. We can sell the water to Israel where we have our own people now settled in the desert of Israel. We can sell our water to anyone who needs it and who can buy it. If oil the toxic can make Arabs wealthy why the life giving fresh water of Ethiopia can not make Ethiopia wealthier? which is expensive? Toxic oil or living water? who said the toxic oil can not be free? but the life giving water of ours must be free? who said that? time to sell the water and time to buy for Egypt , no more free water whether you invest in Ethiopia or not, period.

        • Semay


          you are a sick pig brainwashed by the English establishment media propaganda that is hateful and racist affecting African in many ways for so long including spreading lies and magnifying the situation million times that it was/is with goal to destroy the image and undermine the Africans.

          Egypt military is a USA military. All military equipments, weapons and anything the military has is the USA donations started in 1981. Your military is not even capable to win against the Palestinians in Sinai. Because 90% residents in Sinai are Palestinians and Sinai is not part of Egypt but according to the Camp David agreement Egypt
          keeping peace with Israel determines where it belongs. Sinai was part of Israel for decades and it will.
          So, think about that rather than vomiting your terrorist hate and little head thinking about your military that is functioning with USA hand out equipments.

          Have you seen any hungry Ethiopian recently? If yes, then Ethiopia must use the Nile water as much as she needs in order to feed her citizens.
          The worst thing this Ethiopian regime is doing is having anything to do with the barbaric and monster Arabs. Egypt must not get any base/feet in Ethiopia let alone an economic zone before she heals from the decade’s old hostilities and sickness against Ethiopia.

          Egypt must show her respect, friendship, trustworthy behavior and so on including totally abandoning supporting any group against Ethiopia and she also
          must stop doing any spying activities.
          Ethiopians will never allow Egypt having any economic zone that would be the base to destabilize Ethiopia including spreading terrorism which is the birth
          child to the Arabs Egypt is in the front. How is possible even they are coming with this idea and thinking Ethiopians will accept it because of they are asking for? They are too Irrational but the tactic to get foot in Ethiopia with long term goal to affect the country. Ethiopians know much about Egypt and they will never allow that even if this govt agree which is 100% guarantee will not.

          Egypt must stay away from Ethiopia and agree how to share the Nile. This is the only choice Ethiopia must offer and accept. Egypt is breathing and functioning
          with tens of billions of Arab oil gifts and donations. Egypt is bagging
          foreigners to invest in Egypt. How come Egypt is looking Industrial zone in Ethiopia? From where is the money coming from? There are millions of Egyptians youth without jobs and future. If she is able to create jobs why not in Egypt?

          It is not about economic co operation with Ethiopia but looking any reason to come in the country and destabilize the honest and happy nation making her like
          the hell Arabs nations where the monsters and demons are living.

          Keep Egypt away. Agree how to use the Nile. Arabs are very bad lucks, demons, barbaric and terrorists. If you allow them in the country, you are allowing those evil Arabs behaviors soon will hunt you down. The good Arab is the one not around. Keep them away and agree only about the issues benefiting both sides.
          Look at Europe because of them after allowing them coming in the country.

        • Alula Shocking Egypt

          I agree with you we are starving because of you stealing our water. As you can see 60 Egyptians are operating in Ethiopia? You are smarter than our people, our people are idiots or they love to starve and die or beg. They do not even know what is theirs. The country is very rich, but the people have very poor mind set and love begging than using their resources. For example, there is no need for Ethiopia to talk with Egypt about the dam, but because they do not know their rights, they giving you a right that you do not have. My Egyptian friend, I am with you now because it is not your problem, it is our high stupidity. I have respect for the Egyptians at least they are honest and say what they want. Our leaders are backward, primitive, corrupt,… thieves. I can assure you if the corrupt regime we have stays long in Ethiopia, you will succeed to colonize Ethiopia because all you need to do is to convert the corrupt leaders by giving them money to Islam. you can buy the Ethiopian FM TA and convert him to Islam. you can buy the prime minster of Ethiopia because he changed his religion 4 times for money and I am sure PM HD will not hesitate to become Muslim if you give him some petrodollars. Then you will have Ethiopia. It is led by Mafias. We never had this type of bastardish leader in our history who sell our land, water, our people and land our country together with Egypt. I have to be honest with you I appreciate the honesty from Egypt side. We need leaders in Ethiopia because we have no leaders. Fuck woyane Tigrai, the Arab mercenary. Fuck you woyane, again, fuck woyane tigrai. Fuck you, If I could, I would wipe out woyane from the face of the earth.

  • hasan

    Ethiopia owns Egypt’s lifeline, the Nile water. So who is dependant on who?

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    Ethiopia is getting ready for Ethiopian spring now. There is urgency for revolt against the Arab Mercenary in Arat kilo. There is no an opportune time than now to throw the mercenary into the dust bin of history as rubbish of Ethiopian history. I have been opposing armed struggle, but now I have changed my mind, there is no way you can deal with idiots unless you treated them in the language they can understand. Unfortunately, Egypt will succeed to immerse Ethiopia into civil war because the corrupt regime is laying the ground for that now. It is even better to be colonized by Aliens than to be sold by your own people for money.

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