Timetable set to reclaim 40,000 acres from Western Desert: Ministry of Agriculture

Daily News Egypt
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 Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ayman Abu Hadid recently announced that the ministry is planning to reclaim 40,000 acres in the Western Desert.

During his meeting with ministry officials, Abu Hadid stressed the importance of using renewable energy sources in the process, citing plans to use irrigation tools operating via solar energy.

Abu Hadid said that the timetable for the project would be announced within the coming days and would provide information about the areas which are to be reclaimed in the future. He added that the ministry is working on overcoming the obstacles facing the future of agriculture in Egypt.

He noted that the ministry would focus on agricultural development in the New Valley Governorate and assigned the Agriculture Research Center to prepare a technical study on the agricultural development projects that will be implemented in the area.

Translated from AlBorsa newspaper

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