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Moscow ready to host Israel–Palestine peace talks: Al-Sisi

In the first of a two-part interview, Al-Sisi discusses Egypt’s position on…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Egypt will host first international competition for electric vehicles in March

The competition will encourage innovation and the creation of new ideas to…

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Egypt to hold international meeting in May

Minister of International Cooperation invited president of ECOSOC to attend

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Boualem Sansal: You can’t fight ideas with canons

Is Europe too weak? Could it have stopped the jihadists a long…

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Al-Sisi promises political reform to follow New Suez Canal inauguration

President announces national projects to come and says social justice must be…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Al-Sisi receives international delegations for New Suez Canal launch

Invitees include 29 state leaders among 800 officials from 121 countries, say…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Repeated promises to establish a parliament in post-30 June Egypt

Officials have, between 2013 and 2015, continually promised “elections soon”, yet they…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Health ministry awards 400 nurses on International Nursing Day

Nursing Rebel Movement denounces the syndicate and ministry’s negligence to their demands

Menan Khater Menan Khater

Franchising opens doors for exportation to local suppliers

 55 international and local brands, 11 countries will be involved in EFDA's…

Menna Samir Menna Samir

FJP vows ‘heavy price’ for death sentences

Death penalty has become Egyptian authorities’ favourite tool to purge political opposition,…

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