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In Pictures: Security operation in Kerdasa

A security operation in Kerdasa, Giza Governorate was launched in the early hours of Thursday by police in cooperation with the armed forces. The Giza Deputy Director of Security, Nabil Farag, was shot dead at the beginning of the operation when security forces were reportedly heavily shot at by armed groups So far, the ministry reported the arrests of 48 wanted persons who possessed a large quantity of “automatic weapons” and “hand grenades.”

Photos by Mohamed Omar/DNE

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  • Reda Sobky

    Bring the murderers to justice. The barbarity of the crimes committed against the police patriots in the service of their country are beyond any pale and killing more police such as the martyr Nabil Farag (may his soul rest in peace) in this episode just shows to what lengths they will go in the pursuit of dominating society through thuggism and terror. Witness the assassination of the two labor leaders in Tunisia. People like the butchers of Kirdasa and the assassins of Tunisia represent the armed side of the movement but whose crimes can be denied by the leadership. Anybody can turn to violence but the consequences of it are unavoidable as it makes an announcement to every party that you need to be stopped at any cost. The law must prevail in Kirdasa and the murderous corruption and barbarity rooted out and those who gave these maniacs support or solace are themselves coconspirator. This is now a law and order issue which represents the first and most basic element of civilization now betrayed, and they want to rule a country and eventually many countries and make an alliance with the West. What a fantasy, it sounds like fairy tale megalomaniacal politics. Fools dreaming of empires, such as what’s his name<the Kharsis Marsis who does not fill the shoes of Ataturk.

  • very very critical

    Essential step. Somewhat late. Government should display greater firmness especially with those non stop wild and violent demonstrations. Fear of foreign “observations” is no execuse. The choice is between a once and for all termination of those violent acts or a sickenning low scale war of attrition. A war designed by external forces with the sole goal of undermining the whole system.

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