Constituent Assembly member names announced

Fady Ashraf
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Presidency spokesman Ehab Badawy announced in a Sunday press conference the names of the members of the constituent assembly, responsible for amending the suspended 2012 constitution.

Badawy said that the assembly should finish its work in 60 days after their first meeting, which is arranged to be next Sunday, 12 pm at the Shura Council.

In the first meeting, the assembly will choose a head and one or more deputies.

The assembly will study the suggestions by the 10-man committee of experts, hold a societal dialogue over the amendments and receive suggestions from citizens and NGOs.

  1. Shawky Allam, the Grand Mufti
  2. Mohamed Mabrouk El Naggar, professor in Al Azhar University
  3. Mohamed Abdel Salam, legal adviser for Al Azhar Grand Imam
  4. Ava Pola, Orthodox Christian Bishop of Tanta
  5. Aziz Mina, representative for the Coptic Orthodox Church
  6. Safwat El Bayady, representative for the Evangelical Christian Church
  7. Mohamed Abdel Aziz, representative for Tamarod
  8. Mahmoud Badr, representative for Tamarod
  9. Ahmed Eid, representative for the Revolutionary Youth Coalition
  10. Amr Salah, representative for 30 June Front
  11. Mohamed Salmawy, head of the Writers’ Union
  12. Sameh Ashour, head of Lawyers’ Syndicate
  13. Diaa Rashwan, head of Journalists’ Syndicate
  14. Khaled Youssef, representative for the Arts Syndicate
  15. Mohamed Abla, representative for the Applied Arts Syndicate
  16. Sayed Hegab, representative for the Supreme Council of Culture
  17. Azza El Ashmawy, representative for the National Council of Motherhood and Childhood
  18. Mervat El Telawi, head of the National Council for Women
  19. Mona Zo El Fakar, representative for the National Council for Human Rights
  20. Mohamed Magd El Din Barakat, representative for the Armed Forces
  21. Mohamed Badran, head of Egypt’s Students Union
  22. Ahmed Mohamedan, president of Suez Canal University and representative for the Supreme Council of Universities
  23. Magdy Yaakoub, prominent heart surgeon
  24. Amr Moussa, prominent liberal politician and former presidential candidate
  25. Gaber Gad Nassar, president of Cairo University
  26. Amr El Shobaky, 2012 parliament member and columnist
  27. Mosaad Abu Fajr, Sinai political activist
  28. Mohamed Ghoneim, prominent Egyptian urologist and political activist
  29. Ali Abdel Mawla, representative for the police
  30. Saad El Din El Helaly, professor at Al Azhar University
  31. Hagag Adol, Nubian Activist and novelist
  32. El Sayed El Badawy, head of Al Wafd Party, liberal
  33. Mohamed Aboul Ghar, head of Egyptian Social Democratic Party, liberal
  34. Hussein Abdel Razef, representative for Al Tagamo’ party, leftist
  35. Mohamed Samy, head of Al Karama party, nationalist
  36. Bassam El Zarka, representative for Al Nour party, Islamist
  37. Kamal El Helbawi, former Muslim Brotherhood prominent member and Islamic thinker
  38. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Kader,  representative for Farmers’ Syndicate
  39. Mamdouh Hamada, representative for Farmers’ Syndicate
  40. Mohamed Khairy Abdel Dayem, representative for Doctors’ Syndicate
  41. Osama Shawky, representative for the Engineers’ Syndicate
  42. Hossam El Massah, representative for the Federation of the Disabled
  43. Elhamy Mostafa El Zayat, representative for Touristic Chambers committee
  44. Abla Mohey El Deen, representative for Industrial Chambers committee
  45. Ahmed El Wakeel, head of the Business Chambers committee
  46. Ahmed Khairy, head of Egypt’s Workers’ National Union
  47. Gebaly El Maraghy, representative for Egypt’s Workers Syndicates’ Union
  48. Hoda El Sadda, professor of English Literature
  49. Abdel Gelil Mostafa, Prominent Heart Doctor and Political Activist
  50. Talaat Abdel Kawy, head of General Federation for Societies
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