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Live updates: Pro-Morsi sit-ins dispersed

Sequence of dispersal of pro-Morsi sit-ins

06:11 Security forces getting ready to disperse pro-Morsi sit-ins (Al-Ahram Gate)

06:25 Rabaa Al-Adaweya:  Demand for demonstrators to awake and get ready for sit-in dispersion  (Al-Ahram Gate)

06:43 Security forces move to disperse pro-Morsi Sit-ins in Al-Nahda Square and Rabaa Al-Adaweya

7:05 Security forces fire tear gas to disperse sit-ins (Al-Ahram Gate)

7:39 Security forces block streets around Rabaa (Ahram Gate)

8:02 Ahram Gate reports two policemen dead

8:12 Security forces declare Nahda Sit-in dispersed

8:30 2 dead, 5 injured from security forces (Ahram Gate)

8:47 Ministry of Health: 1 dead, 24 injured  during sit-ins dispersion

8:55 Ministry of transport suspends all train lines out of Cairo

10:13 Ahram gate says police forces  pursuing Safwat Hegazy and Mohamed El Beltagi, prominent Muslim Brotherhood Supporters in a Rabaa House

11:38 Trucks and workers  begin cleaning up Nahda sit-in; public prevented from observing clean-up

11:41   There is no sign of Morsi supporters at Nahda Square. Bystanders milling about,  without any clashes

11:43 A wall  is built on Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz by Morsi supporters

11:50 Gunfire heard near Nahda Source of gunfire unknown

11:58  Defenses built up around Mostafa Mahmoud. A stage is being built

12:00 MENA reports that all prisoners in Kalyoubia have been transferred to major prisons in the governorate, all weapons and ammo  are transferred to Banha

12:01 Hundreds arriving to fill the square at Mostafa Mahmoud

12:03 Paving stones are broken up outside Mustafa Mahmoud mosque

12:05  Side street with show down between MOI and protestors. The protestors are preparing Molotovs at Rabaa Al-Adaweya

12:07 Imam at Mostafa Mahmoud calls for staggered prayers ‘to protect the square=

12:09 Sheikh El Azhar issuing a statement

12:09 El Azhar Sheikh says that El Azhar did not know about sit-ins dispersion, and urges people not to involve El Azhar in political conflicts

12:17 Gunshots heard in Mostafa Mahmoud square, from Batal Ahmed Abdelaziz Street

12:32 Automatic gunfire rounds heard at Mostafa Mahmoud, situation reported as “very dangerous”

12:32 Cabinet releases a statement, expressing  remorse for victims, asks Muslim Brotherhood leaders to apply reason

14:37 Press syndicate mourns Gulf News journalist Habiba Abdelaziz

14:53 Anadolu: Former justice minister Ahmed Mekki says that Egypt preventing the Algerian scenario will only be through the return of legitimacy

15:00 Sky News Cameraman Mike Dean announed dead, mourned by UK Prime Minister David Cameron

15:10 FJP Leader Beltagi on AJE: El Sisi has turned it into another Syria, saying thi is a civil war and asks people to take to the streets and occupy all squares

15:10  Beltagi asks international organizations to interfere to prevent civil war

15:12 Aswat Masriya reports a church has been burnt in Arish by Pro-Morsi protesters

15:22 60 dead, 874 injured in clashes nationwide – Ministry of Health , reported state-owned Al-Ahram

15:25 MENA : Beni Suef primary court burnt down by pro-Morsi protesters

15:45 State of emergency imposed by President Adly Mansour nationwide for a month

15:50 Ministry of Health: Death toll 95, injuries 874

15:56 Army commissioned by presidency to co-operate with police forces to restore security

15:56 State Owned El Ahram: Pro-Morsi protesters burn military investigations office in Matrouh, fire under control

16:01 Ahram: Anti coup alliance condemns sit ins dispersion, says harms relationship between army and Egyptian people

16: 35 PM Beblawi held meeting with ministers of tourism, Local Development, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, Health, the media. #Egypt

16:55 Curfew imposed nationwide, 7 pm to 6 am

17:01 Aswat Masriya: 543 arrested nationwide in Wednesday’s violence, undefined number of them were armed

17:11 Pro Morsi protesters break-in, burn and steal weapons from Be’r El Abd police station, North Sinai – Ahram

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