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There isn’t a talk show or an article which does not attempt to take a stab at the current mesmerising state of Egyptian affairs. The guests are different, the writing styles are diverse but the burning question remains unchanged: “What is the solution to all of this?” This question on its own carries within it …

Dr Mohamed Fouad
Dr Mohamed Fouad

There isn’t a talk show or an article which does not attempt to take a stab at the current mesmerising state of Egyptian affairs. The guests are different, the writing styles are diverse but the burning question remains unchanged: “What is the solution to all of this?” This question on its own carries within it a big part of the problem.

From the culture that brought you the Ring of Solomon and the Lamp of Aladdin, we live in a society which is constantly searching for easy answers and quick wins. We have grown accustomed to the idea of an easy fix that can make all troubles go away. This feeling is further cemented by a hint of fatalism which engulfs our way of life. As said by novelist Natalie Clifford Barney, fatalism is the lazy man’s way of accepting the inevitable.

We carry the same rationale in our approach to the political situation in Egypt. When faced with a stubborn situation we reach out for this Ring of Solomon. We are looking for salvation now. “Let the army intervene and sort this one out,” shouts a young man. “Let’s get a presidential council in place of this current president,” says another. I am reaching out for my magic lamp at this stage but can’t seem to find it.

After years of shunning the political life, many of us are grappling with the new reality of Egypt and trying to be part of it. To our disadvantage, we started out with an easy win: ousting President Hosny Mubarak. We thought we can build on this success and continue in our jolly ride protesting and demonstrating in hopes of shaping a better tomorrow. Until… oops! We hit a roadblock! We were confronted by the deep meaning of democracy, that he who controls the reins is not necessarily the leader, but is certainly the one who can control the masses in a systematic and organised manner. This electoral game baffled us and is continuing to do so; so we continue to disregard it in pursuit of victory elsewhere.

I hate to continue breaking the old news by saying: It will NOT happen. There is much risk in attempting to pull the country forward solely based on anger and dissent. You want to take your chances that this time is different and that the tides have turned? There is even greater detriment when flip-flopping between alternatives. The summer of 2011 was the summer marked with the slogan: “Down with SCAF”. Now, the summer of 2013, bares the markings of: “Let the army rule for a little while”. At this stage, I am not reaching out for the lamp but reaching out for certain people to ask them directly: “Have you gone mad”?

The true problem is that, conservative thinking, which favours good old-fashioned democracy by virtue of results at the polls, is not sexy enough. It does not provide the fix now. It does not provide salvation now. I agree that it does not. It can, however, project us beyond this very instant to a more sustainable future. You want to pull a “Tamarod” movement to shake the status quo, more power to you, because this is needed as a pressure movement. Yet you cannot expect to rule the country through a pressure movement. One must have a mandate and unfortunately one must win one. Winning one requires participation in this unsexy world of politics which entails going door to door, canvassing, campaigning and actually showing up to the polls on Election Day. The fact that a ruler is toppled is seriously a non-event no matter how glorious this goal might seem to be. The question of what’s next is even more pressing because it requires a serious structural adjustment and change in attitude on how we approach political change and transition.

If we are gung-ho on changing things through the same attitude, we risk ending up in the same place again and again. Chapters from the books of Algeria and several other crisis-torn African countries are open for the eyes to read and digest the lessons to be had. In the heat of the moment, however, the voice of reason is silenced, and the unsexy conservative voice is lost in the clamour as everyone reaches out for their magic lamp!

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  • Maverick

    Spot on!! A voice of sanity in a crazy society.

  • Amr Fahmy

    Fatality, passive, waiting for the army to make a coup? Have you been watching Al Jazeera or Misr25 only recently proffesor?
    I seriously and humbly as you to have a closer look at situation
    And what after? Well again have a look at Tamarod road map,
    And if not, I as a citizen, trust more My doorman to run this country than current traitors MB
    At least my doorman will be loyal to his homeland
    And not say TOZ FI MASR!

    • sam enslow

      If Egypt has hope, it will come from the youth who are attempting to build a better Egypt and who want to be able to say, “I love Egypt, and Egypt loves me.” I hope they are able to keep the snakes at bay.

      • Amr Fahmy

        Of course and precisely the Tamarod or “rebels” campaign was done by mainly youth who convinced us less young to sign and not by threatening us to go to inferno but by compassion and good senses
        I firmly believe that youth should rule and older should only advise them with a little bit of what’s called experience but only as consultants as the future belong to them

  • sam enslow

    I know I often sound like I am always carping about what is happening in Egypt. I am. Why? I know Egypt has many problems, but I know the problems can be fixed with different degrees on hard work and planning. The enemy of the Egyptians is the Egyptians who have blamed everyone everyone but themselves for the position they are in today. It is possible to go to any coffee shop and have people tell you what needs to be done (many are correct observations), but these matters, most of which would cost little are never discussed or acted upon by the so called political elite, who remain deaf to anything but protecting the status quo.
    The government must get out of the way. It is now a hot bed of corruption and government offices serve not the people but the families running each office. In what other country do government employees come to work for the purpose of having breakfast? That is just one problem. Get the government out of the way.

    • Amr Fahmy

      Correct and very well said

  • Casuta Cucopii

    Good words ! But the wave it’s a little high…anyway, I’ve never had any ideea that Egyptians can be fooled soooo easily by gagers like Bassem or Tawfiq …the tv is doing its job! Let’s be hopeful that eventually ration will prevail over rebellion! May Allah save us!

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  • Shams Pringle

    What we have in Egypt is an absolute crisis of leadership. We have leaders who are incapable of fixing or even formulating a plan to fix the broken institutions that are creating a lost generation, a never-ending series of financial crises, mass unemployment, and at least another lost decade. Egypt needs a new generation of leaders. And it needs the old generation of leaders — failing and unable to even comprehend their own failure — to step aside. A new generation of leaders to reform, re-imagine, and redesign, and revolutionize the country; Real leader’s – not self-serving wannabes. Every generation believes, “It’s our time now.” While still young, every generation presumes that they will be the ones to change the world. Here’s the truth: some do. Some Don’t. Will we? Or will we, too, fail? There’s only one way to find out. Today could be the beginning of that. If we don’t lead now, it is clear: no one will.

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