Moderation is the forgotten holy rule of a healthy life

Thoraia Abou Bakr
4 Min Read
One of the Apps that helps you keep track of what you eat
One of the Apps that helps you keep track of what you eat
One of the Apps that helps you keep track of what you eat

Lately the focus on leading a healthy lifestyle has been growing. The number of new diets and eating plans is increasing by the minute: eat like a prehistoric man, eat like a ballerina, eat like a mouse and so on… Every now and then a person you know is lost to one of those impossible eating plans. They start to Instagram their meals, Facebook their workouts and keep sending you “motivational” messages.

We get it: you are on this new diet, and it is changing your life.

One has to admit that it requires great dedication and commitment to follow one specific way of eating for the rest of your life. It is quite a scary thought, as scary as marriage; you are committing to food. However, there are other options. There are still those amongst us who preach a healthy diet through moderation.

The need to banish a specific food seems daunting, while the idea of moderation has been out there since the beginning of time. However most of us do not even consider it, but immediately jump off the deep end. The idea is to eat whatever you desire but to keep track of your portions. If there is one thing to banish, it is fast food. Not because of the food itself, but because of all the chemicals and preservatives it contains.

You want a burger? Fine, go ahead and eat it. Just avoid the big conglomerates that change the meat so much it becomes pink goo. Instead opt for a local deli or, even better, make it at home. A healthy lifestyle does not mean living as a rabbit. It just means eating more vegetables and fruits and moderating everything else.

It is made even easier by the array of apps that help you keep track of your food intake and exercise, which can even notify you when you have not drunk enough water. Huzzah! You no longer have to do calorific math in your head, another thing you need not worry about. Try Fitness Pal or Calorie Counter or one of the other millions of digital helpers that are out there.

Most people forget that stress might be the reason for their ill health. Stress drains your body of everything that is good, filling you with hormones that can even increase your weight. The idea of a stress-free life seems almost impossible in today’s world, but it is very important. It might be even more important than watching what you eat.

Worrying about food just seems ridiculous, especially when your main worry is not how to get it. If you can obtain food every day, then you are privileged. So, next time you whine about the huge chocolate cake you ate, just remember there are many that struggle to buy bread. Then check an app on your slinky smart phone and head to the gym.


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