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Sticking to low-fat dairy may not be the only heart-healthy option, study shows

New research amongst the world’s biggest consumers of dairy foods has shown…

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690 million worldwide continue to go hungry, 3 billion cannot afford healthy diet: UN

In a press statement, Guterres said that food loss and waste also…

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Healthy sleep habits may help reduce heart disease risk, lose weight

The role of sleep as a cardiovascular health metric: Does it improve…

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Healthy eating in traditional Chinese medicine

With so many healthy diet theories flying around these days, it can…

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Spending on food: Which countries spend most?

Spending on fast food increasingly growing, linked to higher obesity rates

Reem Hosam El-din Reem Hosam El-din

Tout Express: Healthy drinks, unusual flavours

The striking and sometimes strange health drinks at Tout Express make for…

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Lettuceat perfects salads

A new restaurant attempts to change the preconception of salads in Egypt

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Moderation is the forgotten holy rule of a healthy life

Do not jump head first into the latest diet fad; consider a…

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