Controversy over Al-Nour Party head resignation

Liliana Mihaila
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Head of the Al-Nour Party Emad Abdel Ghafour is said to have officially resigned.

Nadder Bakkar, a spokesperson of Al-Nour party, said Abdel Ghafour resigned along with Youssry Hamad, another spokesperson of the party.  Bakkar denied that many members are quitting.

“We believe in democracy and that’s why we accept that whomever conflicts with us have the total right to leave the party,” he said.

He added that the Al-Nour would organize a farewell party for Abdel Ghafour when he leaves.

Abdel Ghafour was not available for comment.

A few months ago, Al-Nour party witnessed a series of conflicts regarding the party’s internal elections, but Abdel Ghafour was granted the right to remain the head of the party.

“Although we have sorted it out for him and ratified him as the president, he still prefered to resign,” Bakkar said.

He did not confirm if Abdel Ghafour would join a new party headed by the salafist figure Hazem Abu Ismail.

Gamal Saber, a coordinator of Lazem Hazem, a political group in support of Abu Ismail, said that Abdel Ghafour denied his resignation.

“However, if news are to be confirmed that he is uniting with Abu Ismail, we will announce it in a press conference… let’s not jump to conclusions,” Saber said.

Abdel Ghafour is also an adviser to President Mohamed Morsy.

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