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Ben Affleck stars in and directs a thriller that features great actors and some witty, dry comedic moments that add to the riveting suspense. No mean feat to achieve the latter when the outcome of the story is known from the start.

Argo is based on the true story of how the CIA helped six American embassy staff flee Iran at the height of the revolution by pretending they were a group of Canadian film scouts. Enter heavy weights John Goodman and Alan Arkin, Hollywood professionals, who dream up a non-existent Sci-Fi movie, Argo. Critics have been uniformly positive about the film and Affleck’s directing efforts. The few negative comments have to do with Affleck’s sometimes flat performance and the moralistic ending, but overall Argo is said to be one of the better movies of the year.

Cairo: Galaxy Cineplex, Galaxy, Plaza Cinema, Golden Stars, Stars Cinema, Ramses Hilton, El-Salam Concorde Cinema


Dredd 3D

Remember Stallone slurring “I AM the law”? Yes, little surprise that his incarnation of Judge Dredd did not provide us with endless sequels.

This latest 3D version of the judge has everything a comic-book hero movie should have; lots of action, great visuals and an endless stream of violent, blood splattering, gut spilling deaths. The law enforcement in Mega City One is in the hands of the judges and Dredd is the baddest one in town.  Dredd has a pretty, female rookie as his sidekick and the foundation for sequels is effectively laid. The duo goes after the drug lords that sell Slo-Mo, a drug that lets the users experience time, yes, in slow motion; hence the pretty visuals. According to the critics; if this is your cup of tea, you are in for treat.

Cairo: Plaza Cinema, Stars Cinema, Odeon

Alexandria: Green Plaza, Amir




It has been a long time since Nicolas Cage has made a good movie and sadly the wait continues. Stolen is a formulaic action thriller that casts Cage as a just-released criminal whose daughter gets abducted by his former partner. The full amount of the robbery that put him in jail, $10 million, will get her back.

Since he does not have the money, another heist is necessary and you can easily guess the car chases, shoot outs and sexy female involvement that follow. It is virtually impossible to find a favourable review of Stolen; the story is trite, the action predictable and Cage gives a subdued and lacklustre performance. We miss the days when Cage’s random emphasis on words in a SENTENCE and stellar acting were a given. Best to not waste your time with this one.

Cairo: Renaissance Nile City Cinema, Renaissance Sun City, Genena, Dandy Mall

Alexandria: Renaissance San Stefano, Renaissance City Center


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