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Premium Rush

Anything with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is worth at least a try. Gordon-Levitt plays a messenger boy who maneuvers his way through the streets of Manhattan on his fixie, a single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle. Somewhere between skill, luck and a death wish, Gordon-Levitt gets a package that interests a dirty NYC cop, who then sets out to pursue him throughout the city. Though the plot sounds formulaic (and critics say it is), the film is not without brains and entertaining adrenaline-filled action sequences. The latest in an endless list of films that feature New York, the film has great footage of the city and its streets from the unlikely vantage point of a fixie bike.

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House at the End of the Street

If the generic name did not tip you off, then the poster should have. The film’s plot revolves around a mother and daughter seeking a fresh start and finding the house of their dreams only to discover that the house next door was the site of a terrible murder, making the house evil (obviously). Rotten Tomatoes said the film, “strands its talented star in a film as bland as its title,” so avoid unless you are planning on laughing your way through it. The film is both badly acted and badly executed and even if you know what you are in for, the scares (or lack thereof) are still not worth it. And if the plot sounds like a rehash of the already mediocre “Amityville Horror”, that is because it is. The difference is that this has yet to achieve mediocrity. But hey! It is really, really trying!

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