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In Pictures: Protesters gather outside US Embassy in Cairo - Daily News Egypt

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In Pictures: Protesters gather outside US Embassy in Cairo

Protesters scaled the US Embassy walls and pulled down the American flag


Predominantly Salafi protesters gathered outside the embassy to condemn a film that has been released in the US that is reportedly offensive to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

Protesters chanted, “there is no God but Allah,” and other chants calling for the defence of the prophet Muhammad as men held up Qurans and signs. Demonstrators also directed chants against Copts living abroad, as some are reportedly behind the making of the film Muhammad, Prophet of the Muslims.

Photos by: Mohamed Omar – Hassan Ibrahim

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  • scotty perey

    May all of Egypt and Libya, and all of the Arab World, and all of Islam PLEASE know that America does NOT stand behind this insult. Please also understand that even the actors of this horrible film were tricked into being a part of such a disgusting and intentional attempt to divide us and inflame us and spread hatred among us. Romney is a dog. Obama has no spine. Please do not look to them as our representatives, because there are many, many of us within the United States’ borders who are here in Solidarity with all of you who stand for Peace and Justice and Respect for All People. May we all be stronger and wiser than those who are purposely trying to point us against each other. Thank you.

  • lijohnson

    To Egypt, Libya, the Arab World – Most Americans condemn such insults as represented in a vile film we didnt even know existed. In America our extremists are viewed as mentally ill. Violence is not the answer for any of us. We must learn to respect each other. The children of the world are counting on us.

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