ElBaradei presides over Al-Dostour party

Rana Muhammad Taha
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Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei unveiled a new initiative called “Egypt of the Future” which will act as a whitepaper for the National Salvation Front. (AFP Photo)
Mohamed El-Baradie AFP Photo
Mohamed El-Baradie AFP Photo

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, ex-head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has been chosen as the interim head of the recently founded Al-Dostour party. A unanimous decision by the party founders made ElBaradei head of the party until elections can be held among party members.

“I do not expect such elections to be held before the next parliamentary elections” said Ahmad Ismail, member of the executive office of Al-Dostour party.

Commenting on the news of ElBaradei’s appointment as the head of the party, Ismail said that it is definitely good news.

“A very big portion of the party is based on ElBaradei’s intellect and vision” Ismail said, adding that most youth who joined the party did so based on that very fact.

“It is a huge reassurance to the youth members to know that the administration of the party shall be in the hands of such efficient patriotic leadership, at least until the party is strong enough to stand on its feet and depend solely on the youth competencies present within. For the time being, ElBaradei’s leadership would make that possible.”

Ismail also assured that the youth are currently in control of almost all the committees within the party. “ElBaradei’s role is that of guidance and supervision. He does not intervene in the little details.”

ElBaradei is an opposition figurehead who has been prominent in criticizing Egypt’s transition to democracy. On Monday he  released a statement on his Twitter account questioning President Mohamed Morsy’s promise to reshape the Constituent Assembly.

“Unless the constituent assembly is reformed to represent diverse schools of thought, the outcome will be a constitution that ruptures social cohesion” ElBaradei’s tweet read.

President Morsy had promised to reshape the Constituent Assembly before he became president.

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