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6 1 Nicholas Gjorvad

The Future of Al-Wasat Party

By Nicholas Gjorvad After its split from the Muslim Brotherhood in 1996, Al-Wasat Party quickly became the darling of many western academics due to its progressive stance on several democratic issues while maintaining an Islamist identity.  Its stated goal was to unite Egyptian society by forming a political party that separated the Islamic da’wa (calling) …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Secular dictatorships, enslaved conscripts, and the struggle within the Brotherhood

 Columnists look to the coming period, addressing misconceptions regarding secularism and its link to democracy, the inhumane treatment central security forces are subjected to, and the convoluted internal politics of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Falsification and accusation Fahmy Houaidy Al-Shorouk Attempting to dismantle what he views as false assumptions and claims regarding secularism and its …

Daily News Egypt

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