84 feddan for industrial investment in Nahda

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By Badawy Shalaby

Engineer Mufeed Shawqy Cairo Governorate Director of Investment, confirmed that the preparation of 84 feddan in the Nahda area for investment is underway, as is the process of drawing the plot’s borders with the armed forces’ Military Factory 18 and the Qalyubia Governorate authorities.

Shawqi noted that the land is des- ignated for industrial investment, in coordination with the Industrial Development Authority. He expects the land to be ready to be put up for bids by industrial investors by the end of this year, although he indicated that it has not yet been determined how the land will be offered.

He emphasised that the area to be put up for bids is unsuitable for housing purposes, and it has been specially designated for waste recycling, clothing manufacturing and textile mills.  The governorate will not offer the land before connecting all utilities,and it has as- sisted the Arab Contractors construction and contracting company in utilities installation. The Arab Contractors have begun work on a comprehensive plan for the plot’s area. Shawqi noted that the Qalyubia Survey Authority is currently assessing the 84 feddan’s borders with the Qalyubia Governorate. The Cairo Governorate has assumed the survey’s costs, which have reached EGP 40 thousand. Shawqi said that Cairo Governorate is currently in the middle of the survey and study of regions suitable for housing and industrial investment, and that plots in different areas of Cairo will be offered to investors over the coming period.

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