Lawyers call for emergency meeting Tuesday

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CAIRO: The Lawyers’ Syndicate has called for an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss an appropriate response to the escalated confrontation between them and judges on Friday.

During a general assembly of the Judges’ Club on Friday, the judges decided to continue their strike in response to what they deem attacks against judiciary until clear security measures are taken to protect them.

"The strike will continue until security is back," read the judges’ statement issued after the general assembly.

The judges also announced that they will not monitor the Lawyers’ Syndicate elections scheduled to take place in November.

At the end of the general assembly, a group of protesting lawyers surrounded the Supreme Appeals Court where the assembly was held.

The lawyers obstructed several judges from leaving the meeting, which led some judges to fire several rounds in the air to disperse the crowd.

On Saturday, hundreds of lawyers protested in front of the High Court, while some stormed the Supreme Court.

Tensions have been escalating between lawyers and judges for weeks because of a proposed judicial authority bill which lawyers have rejected.

According to the proposed bill, judges could sentence lawyers to up to five years in prison for contempt of court. The controversial article 18 gives judges the power to detain lawyers inside the courtroom if they deem them disruptive.

As lawyers continue their strike, judges also say they will not report to work until they are provided protection, citing assaults by lawyers.


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