British PM says Libya targeting ‘in line’ with UN resolution

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LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday NATO’s targeting policy in Libya was "in line" with the UN resolution authorizing the campaign, after Tripoli said Moammar Qaddafi’s son was killed.

The premier refused to comment on what he said was an "unconfirmed report" from the Libyan regime that a NATO bombing raid overnight Saturday killed Qaddafi’s youngest son, Seif Al-Arab, 29, and three of his grandchildren.

But Cameron told the BBC: "The targeting policy of NATO and the alliance is absolutely clear. It is in line with UN resolution 1973 and it is about preventing a loss of civilian life by targeting Qaddafi’s war-making machine.

"That is obviously tanks and guns and rocket launchers but also command and control as well."

The UN resolution authorised the use of force in Libya to protect civilians from a bloody war sparked by a rebellion against Qaddafi’s four decades of rule and his regime’s efforts to suppress it.

"It is about targeting command and control rather than particular individuals," Cameron added. "The targeting policy has been very closely followed, these things are very carefully put together."


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