Al-Hadari accuses twins of ‘unimaginable’ foul language

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By Omar AbdelAziz /

CAIRO: Essam Al-Hadari has reiterated his dismay with the treatment he received at Zamalek, stressing that the Hassan twins shower players with insults when they get angry.

The Egypt guardian was called to an investigation by the Cairo club after goalkeeping coach Emad Al-Mandoh accused him of swearing at him.

While vehemently denying Al-Mandoh’s claims, Al-Hadari questioned the behavior of manager Hossam Hassan and football director Ibrahim.

“If they are looking for fairness inside the club, then who is there to protect the players from the twins,” Al-Hadari was quoted by his personal website.

“After any match or training session they aren’t satisfied with, the twins insult the players in an unimaginable way.”

Meanwhile, Al-Hadari said that he will not attend the prospected investigation by himself, indicating that the result of such a meeting ‘is already known’.

The 37-year-old, who is currently on a four-month ban, has been promised a ‘severe sanction’ by Ibrahim Hassan, before confirming that he will leave the club in January.


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