Protesting legal specialists prepare for Ramadan

Tamim Elyan
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CAIRO: Protesting legal specialists are organizing an iftar with their families on the first day of Ramadan in front of the Ministry of Finance gates where they are staging their sit-in.

The specialists have repeatedly said that they will continue their sit-in, which began on July 6, through Ramadan if their demands are not met.

Specialists invited Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei to the iftar in hopes that they can discuss solutions to their problems if he is to accept their invitation.

“Everything will be as usual during Ramadan, we will pray to God for the crisis to end as soon as possible, Walid Badawy, a protesting specialist told Daily News Egypt.

Specialists are demanding the cancellation of periodic book number eight that allows them to examine case files in courtrooms only. They are also calling for an amendment to Law 96/1952 as well as better pay and work conditions.

“Instead of staying with our families in such a month we are going to spend our days and eat our iftar in the street. This is more significant than any protest that we could stage, Badawy said.

According to Badawy, specialists are waiting for the judicial year to begin on Oct. 1, so that lawyers would join them.

Lawyers have previously urged their syndicate to push for a resolution to the specialists problems as their work is heavily affected by the specialists’ protests.

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