ECWR recognizes MB's efforts in promoting women's rights

Yasmine Saleh
1 Min Read

CAIRO: Nihad Aboul Qumsan, chairman of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, lauded the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) efforts in promoting women’s rights in Egypt.

Aboul Qumsan said that the MB’s members in the People’s Assembly (PA) play a very positive role when it comes to cases involving women’s status and rights.

Aboul Qumsan’s statement came in a conference held by the National Council for Women last week to gather one million signatures in a petition to make sexual harassment punishable by law.

“Sexual harassment is no longer committed against women of a certain age or of a certain dress style. The center’s recent study indicated that older as well as veiled women are also victims of sexual harassment, Aboul Qumsan said.

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