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CAIRO: Although the parliamentary elections concluded months ago, their effect is still being felt today. The Supreme Judiciary Council has withdrawn the immunity of four senior judges: Mahmoud El-Khodeiri, Hesham Bastawisi, Mahmoud Mekki and Ahmed Mekki. The four now face charges of damaging the image of the judiciary by accusing fellow judges of involvement in vote forging, and of talking to the media about political issues, something the Judiciary Council claims is a violation of the judiciary law. The Daily Star Egypt took to the streets to see how their case is being received by the public.

Although I feel sorry for those judges, what happened is no surprise. It simply follows the everlasting rule in this country: be honest and say the truth and you will be humiliated. May God be with them and punish those who made them suffer for their honesty.Ahmad Abdoul Tawab, taxi driver.

[It must be] a fake accusation. What is unexpected this time is that it came under the mask of the judiciary system. I don’t know when the government will realize that people are not stupid [enough] to buy into what they say when they decide to lie.Mena George, accountant

Apparently it is an [attempt] by the government to control judges. Also, it is a good way to finish the whole subject of the parliamentary elections and the gossip concerning the results.Najwan, student.

Judges are a big deal to people. We always hear the term “judicial independence. I think the government just showed judges the evil eye to show that even they are not immune. This will be a good example for anybody who wants to swim against the current.Heba, physician

It is shameful. It is not only shameful for judges but for lawyers and all those who work in the law field. It is more shameful for the Judges Club to stand silent in such a situation. We are talking about dignity, not just withdrawing immunity from four judges. These judges said the truth without specific accusations to specific people. We should first investigate into what they have said. If they were liars we should make that public and then punish them, not accuse them before any kind of investigation is carried out. This goes against the law. This kind of challenge we do not accept.Mohamed Sami, lawyer.

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