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Artist photographing own work during exhibition

Shakhabeet exhibition is charm on display

The exhibition itself offers a nostalgic insight into the minds of children with some being endearingly childish and simple and others surprisingly sophisticated. One of the drawings portrayed a grotesque male face that was almost disturbing, but excellent nonetheless, by a 12 year-old budding artist.


Scratch Battle of DJs wraps up

The first place winner, DJ KB Shoman, real name Karim Badr, said he was thrilled to win the competition. “I originally entered to prove my worth and to let people know that I was here, in addition to trying to popularise the genre itself, with which I have been in love with for as long as I remember.”

Future Shorts festival Cairo

Future Shorts returns for its third season

The organisers are discussing future plans to extend the event beyond Cairo and further integrate it within the cultural scene in Egypt with more screenings, varied locations, multiple cities, as well as providing Arabic subtitles and marketing it in Arabic to attract a larger home audience.

One of Manière Jewellery’s striking designs

Manière Jewellery – home business with professional allure

Shaarawy chose the name Manière for her brand, meaning ‘manner’ or ‘way’ in French, and it fits the artist’s approach to her home business well. Most of Manière’s pieces are flavoured with a touch of Egyptian culture and show the designer’s personality and way of thinking.

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