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Ahmed Essam lit up the night with elaborate fireworks
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Our Wedding Carnival season 5, bigger and better

After four consecutive years of bridal extravagance, brides-to-be were once again on a date to meet the world’s latest trends in jewellery, fashion, furniture, and even entertainment—all designed for that one special day. Our Wedding Carnival (OWC) is one of the most prominent annual events in the bridal field. For their fifth season, OWC brought …

Daily News Egypt


The Design Studio captures the talent of Egypt’s hidden gems

With black and white portraits hanging from the ceiling and dramatic pieces laid out on white tables, a new generation of local jewellery designers showcased a glimpse of their aesthetics. While each piece captured the stories of Egypt’s next top jewellery designers, the collective collection widened the boundaries of design. The Design Studio by Azza …

Nayera Yasser

Local designer Farida Temraz launched her new collection in collaboration with Zagh at NYFW

Temraza and Zagh represent strong women at NYFW

For fashion designers and fanatics, New York is the city of dreams. The big apple has been a top fashion capital for many decades. Meanwhile, the seasonal fashion week is, without a doubt, a destination and target for many aspiring talents. Farida Temraz is a young and promising local fashion designer that has managed, in …

Nayera Yasser

The collection included limited-edition jumpsuit and dress (Facebook Photo)

“Age of Magnificence” is back for a new season of drama

Many would not be able to name a certain point in time that resembles the age of magnificence. Nonetheless, many local-fashion fanatics can instantly describe what these words summon in their minds. Over a year ago, Zaam launched a theatrical-bags collection that remains, despite the seasons, an evident local success story. The home-grown brand is …

Nayera Yasser


“I Ikadolly” celebrates Valentine’s Day in the Nubian way

Although Nubia has always been an important part of Egypt, a lot of people do not have enough information about its history, roots, and traditions. Aiming to bridge the gap between Cairo and Nubia and spread Nubia’s distinctive culture and the origins of its language, a group of young Nubian men and women held the …

Rana Khaled

Zang chose few online influencers to represent "Vandalism"
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Zang paves the way to international standards with ‘Vandalism’ 

With life following a faster pace controlled by technology and modern life, local fashion is forced to cope and shift in order to leap into the new millennium. Even though local brands are currently on the rise, the top tier is often specialised in couture rather than ready-to-wear. On the other hand, streetwear has defiantly …

Nayera Yasser

8-1 (2)

Amna Elshandaweely: breaking moulds with Siwan fashion

Walking into Siwa, all colours come to life, all scents come out to dance, and the pace of life matches the beat of the drums. Siwa is one of the many places indigenous to the Amazigh in North Africa. Their vivid and authentic traditions make them an ethnic group that repeatedly inspires creative people. Even …

Nayera Yasser

La Mode A Beyrouth

La Mode A Beyrouth: Cairo’s newest fashion marathon

For five nights, Egypt’s fashion experts and enthusiasts flocked to the Fairmont Towers in Heliopolis to witness fashion history in the making. La Mode A Beyrouth Cairo is a franchise of Lebanon’s official fashion week, which aims to bring international quality to the local market. The event was held on 19-23 November, and it debuted …

Daily News Egypt


Maksters brings Marbella to Cairo

Footwear is a craft that requires an artistic quality. Through the ages, shoes have been developed to accommodate a wide variety of needs and styles. From the pharaonic leather footwear to King Louis XIV’s obsession with high heels, shoes have always been at the forefront of the fashion industry. With that said, Maksters is the …

Nayera Yasser

Izzat Traboulsi the regional owner of Hugo Boss
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Fashion between economic reforms and purchasing awareness

A few years ago, Egypt opened its arms to international brands. In a short timeframe, local malls were filled with top-notch brands and updated collections. While 2015 witnessed multiple opening ceremonies of the world’s most coveted names, 2016 went in the opposite direction. After some complicated regulations and negative economic decisions, a few brands have …

Nayera Yasser

Raghda Helal showcased a bridal finale with a voluminous maxi gown
(Photo courtesy of MH Studio)

Cairo Couture Collections lights up the Nile in spectacular fashion

With the winter season slowly but surely unfolding, Cairo Couture Collections (CCC) decided to pay one last tribute to the fair autumn weather with a night on the Nile. The annual event came back for a fourth season with a strong concept. For one night only, Egypt’s newest couture collections floated over the Nile as …

Daily News Egypt

Cairo Fashion Night

CFN6 takes room service to the next level

Imagine opening a hotel door to find room service standing at the entrance carrying the latest designer fashion. Many hotels around the globe pursue the definition of pure luxury; nonetheless, very few have come close to the type of splendour that was on display at Cairo Fashion Night (CFN). For one day only, the third …

Nayera Yasser

Sami Amin (2)

Sami Amin pays tribute to Alexandria

Stepping into Sami Amin’s showroom is always the beginning of a spectacular journey, where the country’s mesmerising history and breathtaking landscape turn into wearable tokens of nationalism. The well-established designer has already covered many loyal fans with Pharaonic, Greek, and Roman motifs that were imprinted with love on statement brass and authentic leather. Amin celebrated …

Nayera Yasser

menna khalil

Menna Khalil captures the enchanting Amazigh culture

Born with a free soul within the boundaries of tradition and norms, she has a strong bond with nature and a strong urge to let her dreams run wild. Malika is a girl that all women carry inside their souls. She has a driving stamina to explore, travel, and change realities. Jewellery designer Menna Khalil …

Nayera Yasser

happiness, yoga

The Path to Happiness: a workshop to find inner peace

Last weekend, dozens of people seeking to revive the lost connection with their souls and to overcome the crowdedness of the city that oppresses their inner peace, gathered for a two-day workshop titled “The Path to Happiness” held at Mövenpick Ain El-Sokhna. The event is organised by Sandra Shama Kaur, an Egyptian lifestyle consultant, in …

Maydaa El-Nadar

The boutique showcases a wide variety of garments and accessories (Facebook Image)

Jozee Boutique: local products offer a unique interpretation of modern trends

Starting from 8 o’clock in the morning until the long-awaited 5 o’clock in the evening, Ezz El-Dien Mokhtar and his wife Joselin El-Kholy sat in their offices processing endless paperwork and stressing about a nonstop parade of deadlines. Every night they hoped to get a break from their monotonous corporate lives; yet, every morning at …

Nayera Yasser