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New Pirelli calendar emphasises natural beauty in age and maturity

In a world where women often resort to cosmetics and plastic surgery in search of an artificial kind of perfection, German photographer Peter Lindbergh decided to free women from the unrealistic standards of beauty portrayed in the media. In his new photo session for the 2017 Pirelli calendar, Lindbergh decided to capture the natural beauty …

Daily News Egypt

This year, the theme of "Material Science" was selected to create an understanding of how materials can be put together, how they can be used, and how they can be changed and used to do amazing things.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina hosts Youth Science Film Festival for 2nd year

For the second time, the Goethe-Institute in Alexandria in partnership with the Planetarium Science Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Academy for Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is hosting a new edition of the Science Film Festival between 29 November and 19 December. This year, the theme of “Material Science” was selected to create …

Rana Khaled

alexandria Documentary Film

Alexandria hosts first Documentary Film Festival

Aiming to raise awareness about the importance of documentaries in Alexandria and to encourage young filmmakers to produce more effective documentaries, the Mahmoud Saed museum is hosting the first round of the Alexandria Documentary Film Festival from 19 to 24 November. The festival programme includes screenings of documentaries made by Dr Medhat Mekkawy, a leading …

Rana Khaled


Women dominate the face of unemployment in Egypt woman: researchers

Young women with university degrees are five times more likely to be unemployed than young men in Egypt, according to the Population Council’s research on gender disparity in access to higher education. While there are nine women for every 10 men in university and the gender gap is narrowing, the percentage of unemployment after graduation …

Jihad Abaza

Hungarian revolution

Hungarians in Cairo commemorate 60th anniversary of 1956 Hungarian revolution

Hungarians in Egypt did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution (23 October – 4 November 1956) against the Soviet Union and the State Protection Authority of Hungary. Pál Maléter and Imre Nagy, who were the symbols of this revolution, were both executed in 1958. Commemorating this historical event, Hungarian …

Maydaa El-Nadar

Greenaccord held its 13th International Forum on the Protection of Nature in Frosinone

Media forum aims to make the world a ‘greener’ place

Aiming to highlight the importance of the role media plays in raising awareness about environmental challenges around the globe, Greenaccord held its 13th International Forum on the Protection of Nature in Frosinone. This move shows that they were able to overcome the impact of the destructive earthquakes that rocked central Italy over the past weeks. …

Rana Khaled

Egypt through the eyes of Alyssa Ramos

Egypt through the eyes of Alyssa Ramos

“I traveled to Egypt, and yes, it was safe”—this is how American blogger Alyssa Ramos started her article, published in Huffington Post on 28 October, aiming to encourage foreigners to visit Egypt in neglect of all the warnings they may hear in international media outlets about Egypt’s instability. Ramos is known for being an independent …

Rana Khaled