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The unseen sides of Egypt

  Photography has always been a form of stating reality. It’s the window through which people can look into the lives of others and the portrait that displays their daily life events. While media portals are filled with pictures taken by famous photographers, many unknown talents use tools as simple as their mobile cameras to …

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Reham Ahmed established the first cultural centre in Al-Marg area turning it into a platform for raising awareness about the importance of arts and culture in our daily lives.

Dekka: El-Marg’s first cultural centre

With the aim of introducing El-Marg neighbourhood residents to a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic activities, 24-year-old Reham Ahmed established the first cultural centre in the area turning it into a platform for raising awareness about the importance of arts and culture in our daily lives. The whole project started as a self-funded library …

Rana Khaled

Amr El Gendy

You have to let the novel choose its own identity: Amr El Gendy

After the great success of his remarkable novels Foga, 9 Milli (9 Millimeters), 313, and Msya, and his two short story collections For the Sake of Devil and Strangers, Amr El Gendy hit the book market with a new novel called Entehar Bera-ehat Al Qoronfol (Suicide With the Scent of Cloves). Although he switched from …

Rana Khaled

Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta's first event at Cairo Opera House

Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta’s first event at Cairo Opera House

In Cairo Opera House’s main hall, attendees sat mesmerised, listening to music that transcended them all the way to Spain, as Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta performed their first show in Egypt. The Spanish band was established two years ago by pianist Amr Hassan, with the aim of spreading Spanish classical music in Egypt. Spain blends Arab …

Maydaa El-Nadar

Kotobna platform has published about 274 books in different fields and has grabbed the attention of 10,000 users who have paid for and downloaded different books thousands of times.

Kotobna: an innovative alternative for traditional publishing houses

Providing novice writers with an opportunity to publish their first literary works, the digital platform Kotobna was established last year as a platform to introduce new talented writers to the Egyptian literary market. After years of struggling to publish his novels and short stories, Mohammed Gamal, a computer engineer, decided to create an electronic publishing …

Rana Khaled

Berlin Wall

10 highlights of the Berlin Wall Trail

Combining culture and nature, the Berlin Wall Trail follows the path of the former division of the city that was built on August 13, 1961. It’s a great way to explore Berlin and discover the last remains of the Cold War.

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Marsa Matrouh: the city of serenity

  Over the past few days, heat waves have begun to blast Egypt, causing people to suffer heat stroke and exhaustion. Since the beginning of August, the hottest month of the year, people started to escape town and head to the seaside, looking for relaxation. While most citizens head to the North Coast, Hurghada, and …

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