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Pick A Street

‘Pick A Street’ supports hearing impaired children with street art

Aiming to use different kinds of arts as a tool for creating positive social impact, a group of young artists launched the “Pick A Street” initiative that roams Cairo streets, raising awareness about important societal issues and problems. The initiative plans to support different non-governmental organisations and charities by raising funds through street performances. “The …

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rym magdi

Cairo Opera House hosts Rym Magdi’s art exhibition

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Cairo Opera House is hosting Rym Magdi’s art exhibition in the Etigah gallery, palace of arts at the Opera House grounds, between 9 and 25 April. The exhibition is open to the public from 10 am till 2 pm and from 5pm till 9pm on a daily …

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Drums Festival shines in its 5th edition

In its 5th edition, the Drums Festival kicked off Friday night with several performances themed around the topic “Drums for Peace”. Attempting to promote tourism and merge musical cultures, 25 different countries took part in this year’s edition. The festival started at the Citadel’s Youssef Theatre with the performances of different drum troupes that took …

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Biker Zone

A success story born from an idea

Biker Zone, the first specialized Egyptian event in the field of free sports, motorsports, and bicycles is held for the fourth consecutive year Following the smashing success of the previous three rounds of Biker Zone, the first and most renowned Egyptian event in the field of free sports, adventure sports, motorsports, and bicycles, Phenomena—the organizer …

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cairo maker

Can the Maker Movement breathe new life into Egypt?

For the third year in a row, Maker Faire hit Cairo, to create more, inspire more, and innovate more. On the 7th and 8th of April, Cairo’s smart village witnessed two eventful days, packed with invention, creativity, and resourcefulness from very diverse fields, like technology, art, science, and entrepreneurship. The event was organized by FabLab …

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Fawkia Hammouda

New Beginnings marks the first exhibition for Fawkia Hammouda

The Opera House in Cairo has seen the promising start of many renowned artists. For many generations, to step into the historic venue meant a chance to experience the country’s cultural and artistic wealth. Last week, the Opera House witnessed the official start of yet a new artist. With bright colours and abstract silhouettes, Fawkia …

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“Ballerinas of Cairo” blends photography and art in Egyptian streets

In a country like Egypt, though ballet is always considered a symbol of beauty, luxury, and smoothness, seeing a ballerina dancing in the crowded streets can be a cultural shock for many. Mohammed Taher, a photographer, producer, and director, decided to introduce ballet in the streets to the public, with the aim of shedding light …

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