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The Arabic Titanic

The Arabic Titanic: first Egyptian online film fails to impress

Religious feasts have always been a good season for filmmakers to release new movies and make profits. People wait for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha to take a short vacation to help them relax and remove themselves from stressful work environments. It has become habitual for Egyptians to visit the cinema during the Eid holidays, …

Rana Khaled

Eid 1

‘Every Eid’s film’ tackles sexual harassment with a new perspective

“Crowds in the feast day, the music, decorations, the look, my footstep, the smoke, the door.” With these words a new short movie called “Every Eid’s Film” shows how the feast should be if a young, veiled girl is walking in the street. The movie keeps repeating the same sequence of events, but with different …

Rana Khaled


How Egyptians celebrated Eid Al-Adha

On Sunday morning, Egyptians celebrated the first day of Eid Al-Adha. Egypt’s streets turned into one big yarn filled with sheep and cows. According to Islamic belief, Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Adha by slaughtering animals in order to distribute their meat among the poor. This comes after the early morning Eid Al-Adha prayers. At 6am, Muslims …

Nada Deyaa’

Creative industry summit: developing a vision for upcoming challenges

Creative industry summit: developing a vision for upcoming challenges

Aiming to discuss creativity in advertising, drama, and digital marketing campaigns during the month of Ramadan, the creative industry summit launched its annual special event on 5 September. The summit aims to bring together large numbers of professionals in the business and creative industries in Egypt by targeting six key areas, including advertising, art and …

Rana Khaled

Fouad El Mohandes

Google celebrates Fouad El Mohandes’ 92nd birthday

In a black and white cartoon with his bright smile, Google celebrated the 92nd birthday of the legendary Fouad El-Mohandes with a doodle. The doodle showed El-Mohandes wearing his most famous casual outfit, while his picture was projected by a time-worn rolling camera. El-Mohandes was born in 1924 to the dean of the faculty of …

Daily News Egypt


Aman initiative aims to start a national anti-harassment movement

With every news report, the number of incidents of sexual harassment in Egypt rapidly increases. Despite the continuous efforts of effective initiatives and official actions, the numbers have increased notably over the past decade, putting Egypt at the forefront of discrimination against women. Mosawah organisation for training and counselling recently announced the launch of its …

Daily News Egypt

Rasha Samir

People call me a feminist writer because I’m obsessed with women’s problems, dreams, innovations: writer Rasha Samir

With her obsession of tackling women’s problems and expressing their struggles and life battles, Rasha Samir sheds light on the main challenges women have encountered in our society throughout history. Although she holds a master’s degree in dentistry, she has never withheld her endless passion for writing. Her most recent novels, such as Girls in …

Rana Khaled

Ahmed Roshdy

Animation helps me turn my imagination into reality: Ahmed Roshdy

Even though he is just 27 years old, Ahmed Roshdy has become one of the few Egyptian animation artists who has managed to capture the attention of critics and audiences over the past few years. After graduating from the animation department at the faculty of fine arts, he started his professional career as an Egyptian …

Rana Khaled