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Arab League should send fact-finding mission to Egypt: Arab rights groups

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Arab civil society organistations blame “lack of political will” for human rights infringements

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporters run from tear gas fired by Egyptian police.  (AFP Photo)

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporters run from tear gas fired by Egyptian police.
(AFP Photo)

A group of 22 Arab civil society organisations have called on the interim government to “comply with international law and human rights standards” when dealing with violence and terrorism.

In a joint statement, the rights groups expressed concern over “grave threats to human rights in Egypt” and condemned “excessive use of lethal force against protests and sit-ins held by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters” also condemning supporters of the Brotherhood for using violence.

The group condemned the use of violence by security forces when dealing with protests since 25 January 2011 under Hosni Mubarak, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mohamed Morsi, blaming a “blatant lack of political will to expose the truth and ensure that justice is achieved” before, during, and after the Brotherhood’s rule.

“The undersigned organisations fear that the continued dominance of security rhetoric and considerations will lead to further bloodshed and undermine opportunities for democratisation, respect for human rights, and the achievement of social justice,” said the statement.

The civil society organisations called for the differentiation between peaceful protest and violence in compliance with international law, for the interim government to adhere to the political roadmap and timeframe for the transitional period and the guaranteeing of legal defence for all detainees.

The groups also called on the interim government to “facilitate the work of the delegation from the UN Office of the High Commisioner for Human Rights to evaluate the human rights situation in Egypt” saying that the delegation filed for entry visas more than a month ago and have yet to receive them.

The statement also called on the supporters of the Brotherhood to renounce violence that targeted other citizens, including Christians, police and army personnel and to cease “propagating a discourse of religious hatred and incitement to violence in mosques, in the media and elsewhere.”

The groups also called on the Arab League to consult the Egyptian government with regards to sending a fact-finding mission to investigate the recent wave of violence to match efforts made by the African Union and the United Nations.

22 Arab rights organisations signed the statement including Egypt-based groups such as the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the Arab Network for Human Rights Information and the Group for Human Rights Legal Assistance.

Other signatories included civil society organisations from countries such as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon and Sudan.

  • Pragmatist

    I strongly support human rights. But, there comes a point when the wolves in a society, who care nothing for the rights of those they disagree with become such a threat to the public safety that some of the international norms will be subverted to keep the people safe. Goals should be set down, and when those goals are achieved then human rights can be fully restored. The evil forces must be brought under control for Egypt to move forward and regain that which was lost under Morsi. Then move on to international standards. Otherwise, the very people human rights groups are watching over may very well turn their guns on them for being too liberal.

  • Magnetic

    Sending out fact finders to Egypt so they do what? Oh please … give us a break you guys! Let me throw in some facts about the Morsi era. Morsi is arguably the one and only president throughout the history of our nation who has deliberately violated the very basic constitutional rights in our country. The MB has clearly stated they will not tender a presidential nomination then they lied. So the whole story started off the bat with a big fat lie due to plain greed. Secondly, when our law makers managed to dodge Al-Shater’s nomination due to some legal concerns, Morsi popped up all of a sudden out of the blue as a possible alternative. If not Morsi, they would have come up with 10 other people just to hold the country hostage. Then came the unprecedented unilateral decision to remove the Attorney General and another odd decision to install a new one without even getting back to the responsible Supreme Judicial Council. Followed by insulting people by their name in his BS speeches and his unconstitutional moves every few minutes made our country look like a big joke infront of the world. No gas, no water, no electricity and coming up with this infamous idea of selling gas using smart cards (this is not communism for goodness sakes, why would I buy gas on a smart card in today’s world??), Then they come and say we want to report and document the facts on the ground? There is only one fact about that guy: Morsi has taken a fair chance and was truly iconic in his failures. We cannot manage to survive 3 more years of this guy or his retarded followers, period.

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