Sinai residents demonstrate in support of army and police

Nouran El-Behairy
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Residents of the Arish area in Sinai announced they are protesting on Friday night to condemn the terrorism and targeting of security personnel.

Political activist Eman Farouga said the protest would be held in front of the military intelligence building in Arish, and would demand prosecution of those who commit acts of killing and terrorism against civilians and security.

Earlier in the week, unknown gunmen shot two security personnel transferring water from a reserve in Arish, killing one.  The other victim was shot in his shoulder, and is currently in stable condition.

In a separate incident, security fired at a car that refused to stop at a checkpoint near the international peacekeeping forces camp, killing one man.

On Friday, members of the Fawakhreya tribe demonstrated in support of the army and the police forces; they visited a police station in Arish and announced their support to the officers, according to Ahmed Abo Deraa, a Sinai journalist and activist.

“There’s also a protest for Morsi’s supporters after noon prayers” Abo Deraa said.

He added that the rate of targeting security personnel in Sinai was unprecedented;   “everyday a checkpoint is attacked or an officer is killed and people in Sinai are fed up with the situation”.

Abo Deraa added that security reinforcements arrived in Arish late on Thursday.

Additional reporting by Nasser Al-Azzazi

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