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Al-Nour delegation meets with Morsi

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Members of the Salafi Al-Nour Party held talks today with President Mohamed Morsi regarding elections and the formation of a national salvation government

president Morsi Meet Al-Nour party delegation. Presidency handour

president Morsi Meet Al-Nour party delegation. Presidency handour

A delegation from the Salafi Al-Nour Party met with President Mohamed Morsi on Saturday evening to discuss a number of the party’s demands.

The group, which included party President Younes Makhyoun, Vice President Al-Saeed Mostafa, and Secretary-General Jalal Mara, met with Morsi at the presidential palace to discuss the party’s initiative to form a national salvation government, timing for upcoming parliamentary elections, and issues with Egypt’s newly-passed constitution.

The second most prominent Islamist group in Egypt’s first post-revolutionary parliamentary elections proposed a reconciliation initiative last month, and then met with members of the National Salvation Front (NSF) on 30 January to discuss the initiative.

The two sides reached a consensus that called for the formation of a national salvation government, the appointment of a new prosecutor general, and the creation of a constitutional amendments committee.

The Al-Nour Party opposed the state of emergency President Morsi implemented in three canal governorates following violence that struck the region.

Amid a polarised political climate, Al-Nour has managed to enter into discussions with the NSF, various Islamist groups, and the presidency regarding various disputed issues between Egypt’s Islamist and civil factions.

As mandated by the constitution, the timing of upcoming elections for the People’s Assembly will be determined this month.


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