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Comedy, food, and fitness: Your guide to YouTube this Ramadan

This year, you will laugh with Hadeel and Noor in their new comedy series. Sara from Sara’s Pop Fitness will help you incorporate exercise into your routine during the holy month. While Aya Habib and Chef Hassan will teach you how to master essential and innovative Ramadan recipes. Here is your guide to YouTube in Ramadan this year:

Daily News Egypt

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YouTube turns off comments for videos showing kids

Online video platform YouTube has said it will disable user comments on almost all videos featuring children. The move comes after recent reports of pedophile activity targeting such content.YouTube has said it will block comments on most videos featuring minors after reports that pedophiles were leaving inappropriate comments and connections to child porn alongside innocuous …

Deutsche Welle

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YouTube bans dangerous 'challenge' videos

Videos depicting risky stunts like the “Bird Box challenge” will not be tolerated, the site has said. Multiple deaths tied to YouTube stunts have been reported in recent years.YouTube announced late on Tuesday that it would crack down on videos depicting dangerous pranks and challenges after several people were been badly injured in the so-called …

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High Administrative Court blocks YouTube for one month

Egypt’s High Administrative Court ordered on Saturday blocking access to the video-sharing website YouTube for a month over allegedly publishing videos that “insult” Islam’s prophet Muhammad. The ruling cannot be appealed. The case was filed against Prime Minster Sherif Ismail, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser El-Kady, and the head of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority …

Fatma Lotfi

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YouTube in new bid to monetize livestreams

Video-sharing website YouTube has announced the launch of Super Chat. It will allow viewers of livestreams to purchase highlighted mentions and attract the creators’ attention. A money-making tool, but will it work?YouTube provided details on the launch of Super Chat, which it described as a way for users to purchase highlighted mentions during live streams. …

Deutsche Welle

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The Arabic Titanic: first Egyptian online film fails to impress

Religious feasts have always been a good season for filmmakers to release new movies and make profits. People wait for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha to take a short vacation to help them relax and remove themselves from stressful work environments. It has become habitual for Egyptians to visit the cinema during the Eid holidays, …

Rana Khaled

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Internet giants agree to curb hate speech

Major Internet companies Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have teamed up with the European Commission to combat the spread of hate speech online. They agreed to tackle flagged posts or videos within 24 hours.

Deutsche Welle

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Amazon launches rival to YouTube

Already taking on Netflix, Amazon has set its sights on another online video giant. The e-commerce company has just started its own user-generated video service, hoping to further shake up the entertainment industry.

Deutsche Welle

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Why YouTube Red may have a tough time in Germany

Would you pay $10 a month for ad-free videos on YouTube? The video sharing giant believes some will, as it launches a new subscription plan in the US. Could YouTube Red affect ongoing legal disputes in Germany? With YouTube’s newly revealed new subscription plan – called YouTube Red -, users can pay $10 a month …

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Google announces significant restructuring

Google, Inc. is creating a new parent company called Alphabet to be led by its CEO. The move makes its search engine one of many subsidiaries, such as YouTube, investment arm Google Capital and the Google X research lab. Google announced Monday that Alphabet, Inc. will replace Google, Inc. as the company’s publicly traded entity, …

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Boosting Arab Culture on YouTube

By Diana Baddar, Head of YouTube Partnerships, Middle East and North Africa In recent years, YouTube has gone through a significant transformation. A large portion of native ‘YouTubers’ are growing up on the platform and helping define its potential, making YouTube the place it is today – a hub of creativity that keeps the world …

Daily News Egypt