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Somalia jails alleged rape victim, journalist for one year

Rights groups have condemned the case as "politically motivated"

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Of women and sex

Those in power are too busy to notice the daily atrocities committed…

Rana Allam Rana Allam

Suu Kyi meets Clinton in US after years under arrest

The second meeting between Aung San Suu Kyiand Clinton takes place

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Review: freedom of expression debated in Egyptian columns

As the reaction to the US movie offensive to prophet Muhammed slows…

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The whole truth and nothing but the truth

On 8 March, I was in London attending a panel discussion on…

Shahira Amin Shahira Amin

The “Be a Man” campaign is launched in the metro

“The female carriage is for women only” posters were plastered everywhere in…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam