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18 Ultras Ahlawy members released following arrest at Borg El-Arab stadium

Police arrested the fans on Sunday for vandalism and rioting after Al-Ahly…

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80 Ultras Ahlawy members arrested for rioting in Alexandria

Those arrested had assaulted police officers following a match in Borg Al-Arab…

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17 Ultras members released after clashes with police in Alexandria

Fans were charged with assaulting police personnel

Asmae Fahmy Asmae Fahmy

Egyptian football fans set stage for growing anti-government protests

Militant, street battle-hardened Egyptian football fans set the stage for growing protests…

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We cannot be the accusers and the judges: Ultras Ahlawy

Football fan club urges revealing the details of Port Said stadium riots

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Family reports “forced disappearance” of youth

Sherif El-Afifi was arrested from his house in Nahia last Thursday, says…

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Football deaths raise stakes for Egypt’s general-turned-president Al-Sisi

By James M. Dorsey The death of at least 40 militants, highly…

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‘Port Said Massacre’ retrial postponed to 9 February

Charges are hypothetical and imaginary, says defence

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Port Said massacre: The day the Away fans never came back

  On 1 February 2012, 74 Al-Ahly supporters belonging to the club’s…

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Port Said ‘football massacre’ victims’ families protest upcoming Al-Masry game

74 Al-Ahly supporters were killed following football match in 2012

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