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Trump v. Clinton on Middle East issues


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Clinton v Trump: how will the Middle East be affected under a new administration?

As Americans head to the poll on Tuesday to choose their next…

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Clinton and Trump make final pitches in battleground states

The latest polls have put Hillary Clinton slightly ahead of Donald Trump…

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Trump or Clinton – whom does Wall Street favor?

Days before Americans go to the polls to elect a new leader,…

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Facebook, Trump and Netanyahu: Author Etgar Keret explains why the world is under threat

Some see acclaimed Israeli author Etgar Keret as a traitor due to…

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Clinton wins the final debate, polls say

US presidential candidates Trump and Clinton have faced off in their third…

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MP praises Trump’s hostility towards Brotherhood, ignores support for Israel

US will recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, says Trump

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Does Al-Sisi click more with Trump or Clinton?

Several US academics and activists called on Trump and Clinton not to…

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Obama cautions Duterte, raps ‘wacky’ Trump

The Philippines "drugs war" President Duterte has been urged by US President…

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