Opinion| Trump, Biden, and COVID-19

Hatem Sadek
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You will never be able, no matter how hard you try, to avoid the allegations of conspiracy after US pharmaceuticals company, Pfizer, announced it would start production on a vaccine against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As part of the announcement, Pfizer said that the vaccine had a success rate of no less than 95%.

And yet, the company, itself, announced several weeks ago, in an explicit challenge to outgoing US President Donald Trump, that it would not produce any vaccine against the virus before the middle of 2021.

This was despite the fact that the US President had given US drug companies $1bn to accelerate the production of the vaccine, in an attempt to reshape the electoral scene. The recently held US elections were greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, causing billions in losses to the country’s economy, as well as millions of job losses.

Dr. Hatem Sadiq

And it is no longer a secret. Everyone knows that those who toppled Trump in the elections are the coronavirus, and the alliance between the US media and some major companies supported by US intelligence, who believe that Trump’s plans have eroded many of their powers, especially with regard to reducing the country’s expansion abroad.

This conflict between the different sections of the US security services is famous and well-known in the history of decision-making. Perhaps the most famous victim of this political wrangling was President John F Kennedy, who was assassinated in cold blood as part of a famous scheme that later led to a series of assassinations of US political and social figures.

But to be honest, Pfizer’s announcement was blatant and scandalous, as it came only hours after the election results were announced that toppled Trump. The political figure that will replace him, President Elect Joe Biden, was and is still described as weak. Even the latter himself has only said that the vaccine will be distributed to Americans in the coming months.

With this twisted method in place, democracy is managed in the most ancient countries of the world that claim to support freedoms, as if US policy raises the slogan of the end justifying the means. And so it is used to achieve the interests of all parties as the real goal, rather than the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Accordingly, all the slogans that US politicians repeat day and night about democracy are nothing but false words that hide the reality of the ugly face of this system.

I remember a famous quote by US President Dwight Eisenhower, in a speech before his departure from power, in which he said, “I fear for American democracy from the arms manufacturers taking control of the government.”

That was at the beginning of the 1960s, and indeed his prophecy was fulfilled because immediately after this speech, his successor President Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas.

This is American democracy. Rather, this is democracy in its worst form that they want us to believe in. However, historical experience clearly confirms to us that every country or state in the world can apply freedom of expression and equality in a manner that is compatible with its nature, geography, history, and cultural legacy, and this is indeed the core of real democracy.

Hatem Sadiq: Professor at Helwan University


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